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02-24-2011, 03:02 PM


You should start by educating yourself about adoption. Pardon me if this seem rude but you seem fairly ignorant on the matter.

If you do decide to adopt from China, and you meet their ever increasing requirements, then you can expect a SIX YEAR WAIT. China is no longer the quick fix for adoption. There is a high demand for adopting Chinese girls not only in western countries like the US but in China itself. Adoption is very quickly loosing the stigma it once had within China and their own people are seeking kids. The Chinese government will always give preference to a Chinese family than any foreign one, as they should...

There are lots of other countries to consider though. In the end my wife and I decided to go the domestic adoption route in the United States. The cost of adoption in the US has become much more reasonable due to all of the tax credits the government gives out. The wait can be long but on average it is much less of a wait than if we had gone the Chinese adoption route.
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