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Originally Posted by koolawant View Post
Hi! Well, in the future I plan on adopting a child form china (because of the whole population problem) when I move and become settled in Japan and I wanted to know a few questions.

1. will this child be bullied?
2. Will the japanese be able to tell he/she is chinese?
3. On average in Japan how much does it cost to raise a child per year
4. Since I'll be a foreigner with most likely a PR can I still adopt? And what nationality would it be?

Thank you and please answer the questions to the best of your ability

Hi. have read your post and I thought this is a really delicate issue.

1. If the kid will be bullied or not is depending on his/her personality.

2. We east asian often can tell the difference of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean by their appearance.

3. Average Japanese parents spend about $300000 ( when 1usd=100jpy ) on a kid untill he/she reaches the age of 20. Furthermore, choice of his/her university will be really important economical issue. Sometimes, parents must spend extra $500000 for the 4years of his/her college life.

4. If you are really planning to adopt a Chinese kid, I strongly recommend you to invite his/her Chinese mother to Japan before the bearing. Any kids who were born in Japan can have Japanese citizenship automatically. But for most kids who were born in China, it is extremely difficult to have Japanese citizenship.

Let me tell you, think about it really really really well. This is a matter about human life and his/her right. Keep rethinking about it until you can see the clear vision of great future for that kid.

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