Thread: Any sleep tips?
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03-07-2011, 08:15 PM

I find rocking to be effective, such as the 'rocking dance' mentioned, but it drove my friend insane after a while . . . as the baby gets older it gets a lot heavier, and once it's used to being rocked it's the only real way to get it to sleep, and have you ever tried rocking a child over six months from side to side for more than five minutes? Ouch, the arms really do ache!

The carrying a baby belly down seems to work for some babies too, but - from experience - I always find walking them in a pushchair or driving them in the car the best way . . . but as a babysitter I can afford to do that, if I was the actual parent then doing that every time I wanted the kid to sleep wouldn't be feasible, lol.
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