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03-19-2011, 03:30 AM

if you learn to love the little moments.
if you love spending time with your baby, teaching will be natural.

always remember, never be in to big a rush to teach the baby.
a good mental health for a baby isnt learned over night.
it isnt learned over a few years. Being able to feel where your babies intelligence is is the key to teaching it the tiny next step in every aspect of life.
dont worry about rushing in a perfect baby. you can only teach her little things at a time.
raising voices doesnt do it.
stoping and remaining firm, and strongly putting your foot down, (With a smile afterwards) will.

you cant just say "Dont do this X" and expect that to correct the issue.
its a matter of slowly persuading the babies character.
of coarse, you want to stay far enough back to let the child grow up wit his or her own thoughts, but remind her of values alone the way.
always make small little comments along the way, about things you love and respect and value. for example, when your listening to the radio, once in a while.

If you love spending time with your child. You will be fine

Sry, my advice was sparatic, and spread around different ages.
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