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i can give a free translation of fukushima = fucking island

... and exactly this is going on there .. there is no solution but growing up desaster ... and all this because there are complete eggheads are told to solve the problem, but they are not able to do that ... they are the problem ...

therefore we can only hope that better people take the responsibility and save that what is saveable anymore ... its not much ...

its not understandable that the contamined workers have no working clothes for radiation on and now the radiation hurt shall be their own problem ... its not understandable that people should leave the area now by themselfes .. the responsible person there are complete eggheads which has to go to prison for that ... its really unbelieveable ... i protest ...

and all people here which tells me that this will have a good end and it is not dangerous at moment are dreaming ... its out of control .. and its a big big bullshit ... hope the wind and weather turns around that the radiation stays in japan, we donnot want to have that ... asks your politicans and nuclear scientist about this disaster ... its your job ...

and at least i can say the same words like in the beginning of this thread, dont trust anybody, only trust yourself and your inner voice and the only solution is to go as far away as you can .. later on you can return if the situation is over and if its clear where you can settle again and where you cannot do this ever again ... go in distance, leave that area ... i keep my fingers crossed for you, take care of yourself, nobody will do this for you, you see ...

funny, there are people who trust in datas and science their hole life, they are thinking they will know everything of a topic but they will never understand how universe is working ... and there are people like me, they take only one look at a situation and say what will go on and exactly this will happen ... of course this is frustrating for the first type of people ... but its hard for the second type too always knowing what will happen ... this is not easy ... the thing is lost and people should go on distance ... thats what i told you very clear and cool from the beginning on ... leave the area ... this is still my opinion, if there is no radiation around you, do that ... later perhaps you can return ...

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Is it safe to evacuate this thread with a 500km cordon around it?
... LOL ... good answer .. i am a humorous and i am able to laugh about myself of course .. really good .. LOL ...

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The more and more I read, I honestly think that a lot of this is down to cultural misinterpretation. (This is true of what Bluejeanslady is saying as well as various media sources.)

To put it simply, let us say that we have 4 cultures. I`ll call them A, B, C, and D. To the exact same event, they each respond a bit differently.
A responds with response 1.
B with 1b.
C with 1c.
D with 2.

Someone in culture A is going to be most familiar with their own culture. They`ll probably know a lot about cultures B and C, and see them as the same or similar to their own culture. They may know a little about culture D, or think they do - especially if the culture *looks* somewhat similar to their own.

But for some reason, culture D is responding in a way that is unexpected! As A, B, and C all respond with variations of response 1, to someone in culture A it is the natural and normal response. To someone in culture A, a response as different as 2 can only mean that the event triggering it must be different.

Japan is culture D here. Because people in Japan are not displaying the "normal" response expected by A, it isn`t hard for people to imagine that there must be some difference in what they know of the event. As panic and fleeing is "normal", the people of Japan must not know enough to have this "natural" response.

In reality, it`s just a different response - it doesn`t mean they don`t know what is happening.

It`s all about applying your own values to someone else.
yes, people are different and the reaction are different ... what do you think what will happen here in germany if sth like this happen, for example, people in japan wait quiet and friendly 3 days on gas station with their cars, in germany nobody will wait 3 minutes for that, the strongest will win .. wild east, we say ... this is a question of culture rules and education system of course, menality .. but people are different types, they made a harvard structogramm of types : green are family orientated person, yellow are social orientated, blue are people who believe only in datas, facts and science and red are the emotional ones (like me) ... every person has some parts of this colours in but a big tendence .. so, if you work for an insurance company like me for example and you are a red one you are the best seller ... there are customers you will never get if you donnot know that he is blue for example, therefore you must change your arguments to get the customer and with emotional (red) arguments you loose at once ... ( for example: here in this tread are a lot of that blue ones - therefore we cannot agree, but they are not able to accept other ones like me who are red )... otherwise the red ones are the best seller of the world, a blue one will have no chance as a seller, he has to take another profession ... so this structogramm says a lot about people ... put a red one in a group of blue, green and yellow and its like a vulcano ... its really funny to watch people if you know that .. people are complete different even in one culture ... i think the red ones make in japen the decision to leave the area right at the beginning, they trust their inner feelings and instinct and the rest is uninteresting .. therefore i am not open for arguments of facts and datas, its interesting but not for decisions ... a red one always trust his inner feeling .. the funny thing is, he is always right and the blue one will never understand this ... the best sellers or company founders in the world have much of red because they have visions ... the best is to accept the difference of people and to put the people in the job that are compatible to his colour structrogramm because there he can work successfully ... a blue seller has a hard job ...

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