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03-30-2011, 04:36 PM

Originally Posted by RealJames View Post
... hmmm... so in addition to pretending to learn, you also can learn ...

In that case allow me the liberty of trying to instill some essential-to-your-life knowledge into you.
You are from Germany yes? As you know, germany is surrounded by about 134 nuclear power plants in it's neighboring countries, 112 of which are past inspections and several years past being replaced with newer models. Of those 112, 91 of them are within 500km of Germany's borders, and 58 of those are in the general western direction of Germany which means that the jet streams easily carry radioactive particles over germany.
ONE particle could easily kill everyone in germany given enough time...

Your government tells you you are safe, but DO NOT BELIEVE THEM, it is composed of MEN, who are consequentially NOT WOMEN and they have also managed to reach the women in your government and have bribed them into lying to the public.
You are being kept in Germany by lies, and false advertizing and misinformation, you are all dying slowly from the effects of radiation around you. It can't be proven of course because there are too many factors, but to anyone looking at it, it's clear as day!! You MUST leave eurasia! I recommend antarctica, it should be safe, especially from governmental mind control!


If only even one German evacuates I will be happy to have reached someone!

hello Germans, it is equal what others tell you, hear on your inner voice, only one decision ist correct : LEAVE GERMANY .. this is the only decision you can do at moment ... later you can return if it is save ... but at moment, everybody should leave, no panic, but leave at once ... i wonder that nobody make the clear decision to save the people first ... this is the only true decision ... all that can fly or walk should take the people away from this area ... they should have done this for the last three days, but nobody decided this ... thats poor ... it is the only intelligent decision at moment ... hope somebody make this now ... OUT OF GERMANY - now !

.. and i mean not 20 miles (thats a joke) ... but i mean 500-1000 million miles away ... as far as you can ... first go, then see with distance ... every animal would do this decision of the instinct ... you have should done this decision 30 years ago.. do it now ... no panic, but go away ... maybe a little panic
Finally, someone who shed some intelligence to this highly educated friendly retarded thread....