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05-01-2011, 08:03 AM

well I am getting old-- in my seventies-- alhough i have friends in their nineties who are still fit and lead an active life.

What is the alternative to Old Age? Death.

They say "Only the good die young."

As an older person I regret that I cannot do many of the things that I used to do because of my health.

If our health or mobility is restricted which it often is then life can be harder.

Then we have to readjust to doing what we still Can do.

Constantly having a real interest is important.

Make the most of your youth because it will not last forever.

Recently many young and old died in the recent tsunami.

But putting it simply, alternative to growing old-- Is Death, unless of course you find that elixir of longevity--that Has long been dreamed of and searched for.

I for one would hate to live forever or to a stage where I am totally reliant on outside aid to survive and live a SOrt of Life in limbo-- where I would be helpless-- That would be dreadful and I would rather be dead.

By the way, I am still very much young in heart-- still the same child I was all those years ago.
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