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05-10-2011, 03:18 AM

Don't know if MMM mentioned these in an earlier post, but here goes...

Originally Posted by tokusatsufan View Post
Excuse me,you facepalm when someone commits the heinous crime of saying they want to live in Japan and not having visited! Do you really expect them to have visited already? It's an expensive holiday! It's on the other side of the world.
If they can't even afford a visit, there's no way on Earth they'll afford to live there any time soon, unless they hit the jackpot.

Originally Posted by tokusatsufan View Post
I wanted to live there before I'd visited. Going there only made me want to live there more!
Yes, but as has been said many other places, of course visiting will make you want to live there more. Being there as a tourist, you're only getting the short bursts of experiences that are meant to be had from a short trip. No one's saying Japan's a bad tourism destination, but being there as a resident will give you a completely different experience to being a tourist. It's a trap many fall for, thinking it'll be identical. Things'll hit home when you have bills to pay, paperwork to do etc just like any other country in the world.

Originally Posted by tokusatsufan View Post
Yes,I did wobble but that was just because I'd watched some Australian guy on YouTube saying [at least mostly] how terrible living in Japan was! And do you know what I did? I stopped watching his videos. Because they were depressing.
You have to be fair, there are so many videos out there hyping Japan up to be the best place on Earth, and so I think it's only natural that there's some balance out there with the bad points. I mean, I think I've only ever seen one or two Youtube videos, and only this thread, about not wanting to live in Japan, and looking at the bad depressing points. Compared to literally hundreds of videos that don't even get close to addressing the harsh realities.
Especially for people who actually wants to know WHY people don't like it when they actually get there. It makes more serious people informed. Even if he was just saying what he hated, it could apply to anyone wanting to live there.

If you live in Japan, it may be even more depressing than the videos of that guy because you haven't prepared yourself for reality, and when it all comes crashing down, and you need to get serious about living there, you may just feel a little depressed.

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