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06-01-2011, 04:22 PM

I should not have to emphasize this again, but it`s turning into a real problem recently.


It`s not a "Don`t bother" policy - it makes it MUCH harder for mods to remove the spam posts.

We have two options - remove all posts by the spammer, and remove all threads by the spammer. If the spammer has only posted *threads*, then it`s fine to just remove all their threads.

However, a lot of spammers do a mix - a bunch of posts, and a bunch of threads. If they have 30 some posts, I am going to select to remove all of their posts. This will take care of all the posts and all the threads created by the spammer - but only if no one has replied to the spam thread.

If there is a thread mixed up in there that YOU HAVE REPLIED TO - guess what - your post is going to stay, making it look like you started the thread. It may be fun to post something witty in response, but I am not going to go through the entire board hunting down the left behind replies - that are sometimes even quoting the spam links...

If you have been going out of your way to reply to spam threads - you know who you are. The next time you do it, I`m just going to leave you as the first poster in the thread.

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