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07-08-2011, 09:18 PM

Even though I'll probably like the new DMC im dissapointed....where should i start..
The new look...the guy litteraly made himself the main character Dante...i mean they are almost 1on1 the same person! WTF!
Even if its Dante before we even knew about him he should look like Dante in the first game EVEN A LITTLE!
It makes me mad when i think that they could've made the new game about Nero's story ! i mean Nero was awesome in DMC4 and i was not bored in the game at all at any moment hes the perfect character for DMC just like Dante!
We shouldnt be suprised from the changes ..i mean everythings changed even the music..the gameplay trailer for example, different creators different style .
The game looks promising but im still not happy with it.
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