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07-09-2011, 02:21 AM

Originally Posted by Aniymay View Post
ok here's the deal, come to find out DMC has been taken by another company (Ninja Theory) to be remastered, if my story is right, and come to find out they have changed his look completely!!!! My god! he looks horrible!!! I mean yes i understand that they are trying 2 give him more of an's just i mean did they have 2 completely change him all together!!?? I have nothing against his different attire or anything else like that, its just his whole... idk..just all together i mean i would say his hair is what changes it but that would be stupid. Just making his hair black was what threw me all off. Its like u look at it and peeps think..."wait a minute...thats Dante? wtf no it's not!! " and then it just leads to confusion!
If ur gonna change a charcter's apperance to make them seem tougher or watever....just try 2 keep them looking some what the same so that way we know who it is. :< me no likey the new Dante ....some peeps even say the action in the new DMC isnt the same either soo thats a +
I HATE the new Dante!!!! He looks like a druggie with a bad hair day. I don't play the games, but I can say that the old Dante was certainly better.
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