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Originally Posted by Caerula View Post
Well, currently I´m looking for some good resources to support my learning for the JLPT effectively (the regular textbook I´m working with is みんなの日本語) .
I couldn´t find any printmedia in this thread (of course I could´ve overlooked some ). I prefer studying with books - but out there is a wide range of those books. Can anybody tell me about an useful exemplar?
Thx a lot in advance
If you are studying for the JLPT, there are some sites for it such as
JLPT Kanji Project - Japanese study tool
JGram - The Japanese Grammar database
Which are both made specifically for the JLPT

For books, you could try buying past JLPT exam workbooks on Amazon or something. ALC (アルク) makes a lot of them.

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