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Originally Posted by spicytuna View Post
As I continued along from girl to girl like an assembly worker at a car factory, I came to a sudden realization.

I was doing this all wrong! The women who attended this konkatsu were mostly first timers and/or were feeling uncomfortable and awkward to begin with.

So, I decided to change my approach completely. Instead of approaching this with the formality of a job interview, I decided to do the opposite. After all, what did I have to lose? I wasn't a serious participant but a foreigner looking for a new experience.

I immediately loosened up my tie and started joking with the girls. I'd ridicule my own form, ridicule the other men, accuse them of being a 桜, etc.

This immediately put them to ease and when combined with the fact that I wasn't Japanese, it definitely left an impression on them. Perhaps not a positive one but in this stale monotone environment, anything was a breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, I started this technique on the latter half of the women who[snip]

Seemed like an overly serious and possibly uncomfortable situation.
Unfortunately nothing! You learned an invaluable lesson that night.

You hit the nail right on the head when you said "Instead of approaching this with the formality of a job interview". When you started being yourself you gave off an impression of confidence and security (i.e. joking about some of your own "flaws".)

I'm sure being a foreigner was appealing but overall I think giving off a vibe of being a secure guy just having fun was probably the most attractive thing you could have done in that situation.
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