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Japanese BBQ pigs feet. After tasting one, you'll eat five more!

Take a bunch of pigs feet and boil under medium flames for several hours until you can tug out the bones but not too soft so they fall apart. Drain out water and add miso, sake, shoyu, and sugar. Add enough to marinade over night. BBQ the feet the next day. The water/marinade soaked feet are a bit bloated so they can take the flames for a while. As they start to dry out, they will start to get grill marks. Flip them and repeat on other side. Serve hot. Goes great with beer.

the marinade proportions are up to you. I do something like:
1 cup sake
1/4 cup shoyu
3 tablespoons miso
1 table spoon sugar

If you like it spicy, then add 1~3 tablespoons Korean chili paste(Kochijon) to the marinade.(marinade penetrates the feet better if the feet are cut up by the butcher)

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