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11-24-2011, 09:07 AM

Originally Posted by BowserJr View Post
I apologize if this is too vague but I've seen people argue over the meaning of the phrase "想いを通わせる" which when translated I gather is "exchange feelings."

What I'm wondering about is this: if I wanted to say "exchanged feelings of friendship" or "exchanged feelings of closeness" would I use this phrase or can this one only be used for romance? What phrase would I use for "exchanged feelings of friendship/closeness/something besides romance" if that was the case?

Thanks and let me know if you need more information.
「想いを通わせる」, all by itself without context, is very difficult to translate as it covers a wide range of meanings including the three types of "feelings" mentioned by you. The phrase can be used when there is a high level of communication and understanding between any two (groups of ) people.

It can be between a teacher and his/her class, between two friends, between parents and their kids, etc. The point of the word 「通う」 is that something exists "two-way" instead of "one-way". If two persons speak to each other all day everyday without ever understanding or respecting each other, this word cannot be used to describe the state of their relationship.

The 「想い」 part of the phrase can be replaced by 「心」 in case anyone is wondering.

Not knowing your current level of Japanese, I shall stop here just now. If you need a longer explanation, please say so by asking more specific questions that would show your level.

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