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Originally Posted by Velazquez View Post
The game focuses on the characters Ende and Ceres who live in the Elysium kingdom on the Graecia continent. Ceres is chosen to sing at the kingdom's harvest festival, but monsters begin to attack when she goes to perform. Ende later finds her unconscious as the army comes to take her because she witnessed the beast. A Dvelg merchant named Graiai helps the two escape the city into a tower. Later, they find out that Ceres has been cursed, shown by a cursemark on her upper back. In order to lift it, Ende must use the Orichalcum Chain to obtain the flesh of the beasts that live in the 13 Towers. If not, Ceres will gradually turn into a beast herself and perish
Pandora's Tower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia What does it got to do with TS request?

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