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naruto - 11-20-2009, 03:42 PM

its the best othr thn inuyasha
go shipudden

yeha!yeah!i japan. But i also New York.
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12-11-2009, 04:23 PM

hmm love Gintama, Naruto and bleach

some of the lesser known ones that are awesome are
Black Lagoon, Speed grapher, bakemongatari, aiyakashi (japanese classic horror), hajime no ippo
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Martin1337 (Offline)
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12-14-2009, 10:39 PM

Right, I'm new to the whole anime scene but have recently watched Death Note and thought it was thoroughly fantastic. Is there anything else similar that I could get in to? Or anything not similar that is really good.

I've had a brief look through the thread but let's face it, I'm not going through all 70ish pages.
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01-13-2010, 01:08 AM

Well if your looking for a great anime to pass the time with Genshiken is my faviorte, something with a little more action? Well other than Fullmetal Alchemist, I have just recently started WitchBlade. Good so far.
Genshiken follows the lives of a group of college students drawn together by their shared hobbies, and the trials and adventures associated with being otaku. The story begins with the introduction of Kanji Sasahara, a shy, confidence-lacking freshman who on club day at university, decides to join a club he would actually enjoy, Genshiken. Over his four years at Shiiou University, Sasahara comes to accept himself for who he is and loses the inhibitions and guilt he once felt and associated with otaku culture, becoming an enthusiastic clubmember, and for a time, a capable club president. As the story of Genshiken progresses, focus is also placed on Saki Kasukabe, a determined non-otaku who initially struggles to drag her boyfriend out of the club, and Chika Ogiue, a self-professed otaku-hater who feels a deep-seated shame and self-loathing toward her own interests and hobbies.
During the course of the series, the reader bears witness as the group grows in its cohesiveness over time, and bonds form between the characters as they begin to see themselves as more than fellow club members, but friends as well. In this context, club activities such as group outings, the biannual pilgrimage to Comifes, and even simply hanging out in the clubroom, allow the characters' complex relationships to grow into friendship, infatuation, and at times, even love. While a few of them never quite see eye-to-eye about their interests or the lives they lead, they are held together by the bonds of friendship that they share.
WitchBlade- "Sought by the greed of men since the dawn of human kind, but only bestowed upon the women whose fate it forever scars... The Witchblade. Is it the righteous sword of God? Or hand of the Devil himself. Now a new bearer has been chosen. And she must discover the answers for herself. As she stands on the brink of destiny, she is forced to seek the balance between ecstasy and ruin."-Anime prologue for each episode.
In this new approach to the Witchblade universe, the lead character (and blade wielder) is Masane Amaha, a kind-hearted woman who, despite her good intentions, is fairly clumsy and not good around the house. She lost her memory during an unknown catastrophic event that ravaged Tokyo and, curiously, Masane was found unscathed in the phenomenon's ground zero, holding a baby in her arms. Six years later, she returns to Tokyo with the child, now called Rihoko, and for whom she cares as a daughter, where she discovers that the mysterious jewel attached to her right wrist is actually the legendary artifact known as the Witchblade. Since then Masane got herself involved in the struggle for power between a huge corporation and a government agency, while trying to live her life peacefully with her daughter.
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01-14-2010, 06:26 AM

Hmm, for me, I'd like to recommend the not-so-popular-but-really-awesome-anime/manga called Hikaru no Go.

Basically HikaGo (which most fans prefer to call, or, sometimes, Hika5) circulates around the life of a student called Shindo Hikaru. In the beginning, Hikaru and his friend Akari go to his grandfather's house to "look for stuff that could be worth some money". In the attic of the house, Hikaru finds a goban (a board used to play Go) and he sees a red stain on it. However, Akari can't see it and as Hikaru insists, he hears a voice, asking if he could see the stain. Hikaru answers yes, and he sees a spirit come out of the goban, claiming to be someone called Fujiwara no Sai, a person who taught Go to the emperor in ancient times.

The story of HikaGo starts this way, and the story then focuses on how Hikaru went from a 12 year old who didn't even know what Go is, to a 17 year old pro Go player. Hikaru has a rival called Touya Akira; a boy the same age as Hikaru who is very good at Go. As the story progresses, Hikaru joins Go classes, then the Go club at his school, then becomes an insei, and finally a pro. Sai teaches Hikaru Go too, using a method called "jidou go", or "teaching Go". As he cannot hold the playing stones, he points to the place he wants to place the next stone with his fan.

Wow, that was really long... The longest thing I've wrote in a long time.

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01-24-2010, 11:10 PM

Romeo's blue skies

Eye On Palestine

Where English is Fun ,, U will Enjoy your time
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is a pretty cool guy
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01-25-2010, 12:01 AM

Code Geass, people, Code Geass.

Since when is it immature to talk about pudding? Seriously, do you know the meaning of mature?
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01-25-2010, 02:56 AM

i love full metal alchemist 2...ive seen all of the episodes and watched them (which could have ended a little happier but i still love it lol) anyway...the best anime ive seen is BLEACH!!!! i absolutely LOVE IT!!!! there are a bunch of other anime that are a must see. they are: Inuyasha, wolf's rain, gravitation, caseclosed, death note ( and the death note live action films!), chobits, descendants of darkness, tokko, blood+ (i REALLY need to finish watching it!!), and i also love cowboy bebop (it was sssooo funny...especially Ed!! LOL).....i do believe that i am totally addicted to anime!
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01-25-2010, 02:58 AM

OMG!!!! i forgot about Code Geass!!!!!! its AWESOME too!!!! i really really want to finish watching it!!!!!
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01-25-2010, 03:59 AM

Definitely Cowboy Bebop is a must, simply because it's agood "starter anime": no demons, no magic, just a solid plot and action, with a bangin' soundtrack. Blood+ was pretty good, but some seasons were slower than others. Also, and I'm so ticked we don't have season 2 over here in the States, but Hell Girl. It's a nice blend of horror and action.

I choose the twilight path to the dawn.
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