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the censoring of Anime in America. - 04-11-2007, 08:29 PM

as a big Fan of Japanese anime, I can't stand the way we here in the USA Edit out so call taboo parts from Japanese Anime,
what do I mean? Like any visual or verbal Sex content, complete removal of violent action sequence, rewriting certain contents do too religious overtones or sexual references, or racial indications.

Here are some examples of shows that went under the knife of censorship...

Let's begin with the first anime TV show to air in the United States back in 1964, the show was Mighty Atom (aka AstroBoy), of the 104 shows aired, many of them were edited do too contents said to be taboo on network TV, ( this show syndicated and aired on NBC TV)
for example: in an episode called "Bimo the Boy bomb," tells Atom that if the bomb that he carries were to go off, he could never return to Earth, ( this was the actual American dialect) the original Japanese dialect indicates that when the bomb went off, Bimo would be killed with it, which kinda sent a shot looked into Atom's face.

Another example: atom's hidden machine guns ( which popped out of his butt!) Any episode with this contents, was edited for censorship,
plus any indication when atom needed to refill himself with atomic Energy, the original joke was lost to American censorship, since atom was a robot, he would be treated like a new-car, which meant filling him up with atomic gasoline, from his rear end too. (Censorship!!)

Another silly yet lame form of editing, was on some of the Japanese song dialect, instead of translating them into English, the songs were kept in original Japanese, and was said to come from some alien world.

This wasn't the only show to go on the knife of television censorship,
another show, which was the second robot show to hit America basically lost its entire first few episodes, do too WWII references, the name of the show was called Ironman no.28 (aka: Gigantor!) plus quick rewrite made young viewers believe that every episode took place in the year 2000, when an actual it took place in the mid-1950s,

Interesting, a third robot show which also aired in syndication, was barely edited, this show was called 8-Man (aka: EighthMan.) Interesting note, only 52 episodes of the original 54 were aired in this country, this show was later edited in the seventies, after it originally aired in the sixties, what was edited? cigarettes! That's right, the character when needed a Energy booths , would pull out a cigarette type Rod from his belt, and smoke it, when the show was a re-aired half a decade later, all references of this cigarette device was removed.

There were other black-and-white anime which I did not get to witness firsthand, like the Wonder Three! ( aka: Amazing Three) or ? (aka: Prince Planet)

During the mid-sixties, Japanese anime went from black-and-white to actual color, beginning with Jungle Emperor, ( aka: Kimba the White Lion!) Any editing of contents was due into the dialogue, not too many scenes were cut, interesting note: only the first 52 episodes were aired in this country, the other 26 episodes which had a older Leo! Was not aired do too violent contents, interesting note, the first 52 episodes also contain violent contents too! So what's the difference, in the last 26 episodes where Leo was an adult, he would claw his enemies , including humans, plus also the main character , and his girlfriend gave birth to kids, ( censorship on the birth of Leo's son and daughter, )

Another show which aired in the 1960s, but was syndicated in the mid-seventies, was the Princess Knight (aka: same name) of the original 52 episodes, less then 26 , could be aired do too contents, what was the problem, too many religious overtones, plus gender overtones too!

Interesting note, towards the end of the 1960s, shows like Maha GoGoGo! ( aka: Speed Racer) was hardly edited, even the violent machine gun battles against a stone Egyptian robot was kept, all 52 episodes were aired, with a bit of rewriting some dialogue.

For a while, Japanese shows, were banned, unless place under censorship, in the late seventies shows like cosmic battleship Yamoto ( aka: Star Blazers) were edited for sexual jokes, and violent contents,
animation back in this late seventies from Japan, tend to have legendary "don't look! panty scenes, and any battle would edited out actual pilots in dogfights against alien aircraft, basically the reference was robotic dogfights, with the dialogue informing audience that no humans were killed doing battle, ( totally silly)

Here another interesting note, from the 1980s and continuing to today
many shows continue to have sexual and violent contents removed, or re-edited?
shows like Volton! Defender of the universe, RoboTech! Battle of the planets, card captures! Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z. had all been edited for violent contents, and dialogue, only because it would air on television in the US,

So what you think? anybody else noticed, probably is why some of the newer anime's are first sold to video store, then later when it creates a popular fanfare, Will it ever see syndication, like Tenchi Mayo, and others.....
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unbelievable stupidity!!!

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