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Lightbulb Necromancer - 08-21-2016, 02:48 PM

Was wondering if is there anyone know this manga serie cuz it's quite good in my opinion: Necromancer | Manga - MyAnimeList.net

The story is about a young necromancer who pursueing his endeavor as the identity of "Necromancer in Slum Street". The interesting part about this manga is that it involves the Demonology. Unlike popular pop culture gaming - manga, resurrection is simple, you just need enough power and know the spell then BAM! The dead is brought back to life like nothing happened. But here, things have their own price. The price of summoning one person back to life is a part of the "customer" lifespan. Not all, the summoned one will be possessed by a demon which will stimulate the strongest desire of that summoned person.

Of course there are more plots to it but I refuse to spoil it .
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