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New Anime Project - 05-09-2017, 12:41 AM

Hiya Everyone
I am part of a group that is getting ready to submit an Anime Project to Toei Animation in Japan. Everything is currently at the editor's for final touch up. However we still need a couple of things done before submission.

1) We are looking for a focus group of Anime FanGirls here in the US as well as in Japan to give critiques and opinions on the writing. The reason we are looking for FanGirls is for 2 reasons. First the main hero of the anime is a female and second the script writer is male. We want to make sure the writing is both subjectively accurate and believable from a female stand point.

2) It has come to our attention that when submitting to most Anime or Manga companies in Japan that it would be best if the writing were in Japanese so we are looking for someone to accurately translate the Character Profiles, Episode Synopsis and the 1st Episode script from English to Japanese.

3) We have yet to find an Anime Artist to draw the main characters based on their description in the profiles. Anyone wishing to attempt this can send an email to polarhawk@yahoo.com and the descriptions of the 9 characters will be sent to them. Pick any one you like to draw and return it when finished. This request is also being sent to other forums and Anime art sites. The character drawings that are selected will be part of the submission to Toei Animation and if they like the drawings it is likely the final character designs will be based off of the submitted images.

Lastly everyone who participates with any of the above request will be added to Acknowledgment page of the submission.

Thank you for stopping by and wish us luck
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