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  1. Language Exchange Ads Advice
  2. Spanish/English speaker looking for Japanese speaker. Online.
  3. English speaker looking for Japanese MSN user.
  4. English Speaker looking for Japanese+English speaker!
  5. English talking dude looking for someone to teach me Japan language
  6. hehe
  7. English speaking/ Need help with Japanese
  8. Anyone looking for a Japanese or English conversation partner?
  9. English/Japanese speaker looking for japanese teacher online only..or in florida
  10. Italian speaker looking for Japanese MSN user.
  11. help me with my japanese
  12. Online English teachers looking for student recruiters/agents
  13. Sumi Masen. Looking for Conversation?
  14. ITALIA-Do you need Help to learn Italian ?
  15. Help with japanese, i trad it for help with english
  16. Japanese Online Translation Job
  17. I'll teach English for Japanese
  18. need a japanese Translator
  19. im looking for a japanise girl
  20. English speaker looking to practice Japanese
  21. Dutch, German, English girl would love to learn Japanese
  22. Dominican Girl who wants to learn japanese
  23. 日本語大学教授を求人します(in Korea).
  24. Hello. Konnichewa!
  26. English.
  27. French translation -> Homework
  28. Slovak or Czech conversation for Japanese conversation^^
  29. looking 4 arabic help ? am here 4 u
  30. English Speaker Looking For Japanese Language Exchange
  31. hi,i find a good language exchange community
  32. can someone help me with japanese?
  33. Are there available conversation partner..
  34. ESL online lessons
  35. Speaks English but really wants to speak Japanese
  36. interested in old and ancient japanese culture
  37. Portuguese
  38. Japanese speaker looking for English
  39. Looking for language exchange partners in Las Vegas
  40. chinese speak lookingfor japanese or english
  41. Need help with Japanese? I need help with English.
  42. Japanese buddy.
  43. Would like to learn Asian language, will help you with English
  44. English to Japanese
  45. italian teacher
  46. hello
  47. If you are interested in Korean-Japanese/English language exchange,
  48. Translator japanese to english... anyone? ;)
  49. Japanese learning friends
  50. American in Maine looking for educators/parents to...
  51. Looking for Japanese friend to teach me Japanese
  52. Wouldnt mind a japanese or chinese friend, to help learn language
  53. Language Exchange (ENGxJPN)
  54. Hajimemashite. SlyKitsune desu. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
  55. Japanese Sought in Yokohama
  56. Looking for a fun Japanese lady friend in Montreal to help improve my Japanese
  57. I wanna learn Japanese
  58. Looking for someone to study japanese. have basic understanding and want to further.
  59. Italian japanese japanese italian
  60. English/Japanese exchange
  61. English --> Japanese
  62. English Japanese exchange
  63. Hi!
  64. Japanese
  65. Je cherches en professour du français en Tokio
  66. I'll teach english slang in exchange for japanese slang!!
  67. Japanese Conversations beginer
  68. Help. Want to learn more Japanese.
  69. Portuguese/English wants to improve japanese
  70. 2 Good 2 B True! Do u want to learn Swedish? English? Turkish? Arabic? Kurdish?
  71. want to relearn Japanese
  72. Who wants to learn English. CLICK HERE
  73. Korean,English,Japanese~~!!
  74. Norwegian for Japanese!
  75. English/ French ===> Japanese
  76. Looking to learn japanese in exchange for English near Yokohama
  77. hi! do you need some help with spanish?
  78. Help me with japanese and ill help u with english
  79. Need help with translations!! Japanese to English and English to Japanese...
  80. Willing to teach anything about English!
  81. Slang vids
  82. Need lots of help
  83. My Russian for your Japanese in London
  84. Chinese and English
  85. Teacher wants to help others learn and would like to learn Japanese
  86. Need a person who is fluent in Japanese
  87. I will tell anything about English for Japanese
  88. i'll teach u English and Arabic if u teach Japanese
  89. english or chinese help?
  90. Looking for Japanese help. Will teach English in return.
  91. Dozo...
  92. I want to learn Japanese
  93. Japanese and English Exchange
  94. Japanese-English-Spanish by gTalk of Skype
  95. Looking for Japanese friends in Las Vegas
  96. animefan18
  97. language exchange Japanese-Chinese
  98. Need a Japanese Teacher. Will help teach English in return.
  99. Need teacher.
  100. Looking for English speakers
  101. Japanese help!(Korean or English in return)
  102. Short translation help needed
  104. I need help for my english study in Aus.
  105. Help!!!!!!!!!
  106. Japanese help(romanian or english in exchange)
  107. Learning Japanese.
  108. Looking for a japanese [click for more detail]
  109. Looking for native speaking Japanese person
  110. I'm looking for exchange partner.
  111. Need help in Japanese. English and/or Russian in exchange :-)
  112. I want to learn Japanese!!! exchange for english
  113. Who wants to teach me some Japanese?^_^
  114. Looking for translator Nihongo(Japanese)to English
  115. Japanese penpal/language exchange!
  116. I want to learn Japanese (English or Spanish in exchange)
  117. Looking for friends in Las Vegas
  118. I Would Like to Learn Japanese! English in Exchange!
  119. I Would Like to Learn Japanese! English and chinese in Exchange!
  120. Learn Japanese
  121. 日本友人を下さい
  122. Could you help me with English?
  123. I need help with Japanese
  124. 日本語は楽しいですね?
  125. Need students?
  126. Learning Japanese, English in return
  127. Looking for JAPANESE teacher english in exchange
  128. Japanese and English Language Exchange in Maryland
  129. Free English Language Help (via forum)
  130. New
  131. Looking for tokusatsu fans :)
  132. Looking for people to study Japanese with
  133. Ayudar(help) Looking for someone to teach me better japanese!!!!!
  134. Interested in your language (English, Spanish, Chinese etc...)
  135. Looking for Japanese speaker
  136. will teach english
  137. please help with japanese
  138. I know some japanese but I need further assistance! English in return!
  139. 日本語の友達募集中~お願いたします。\^□^/
  140. Will help u learn English!!
  141. Would LOVE to learn Japanese...English in return!!!
  142. looking for a Jap/Eng language exchange :]
  143. English/German speaker looking for Japanese help
  144. English/a little German speaker
  145. help with learning japanese
  146. Exchange with spanish people
  147. Of course, needing a Japanese language tutor..
  148. English/Japanese add
  149. yet another want to learn japanese add ^^
  150. exchange student
  151. English for Japanese!
  152. English for Japanese exchange
  153. I need work on the japanese language!!!!
  154. French/English
  155. English for Japanese/Spanish
  156. Need (Jap > Eng) translator for Movie Projects (Nikkatsu/Pinku)
  157. Willing to help Japanese people with English for help with Japanese
  158. I'd like to learn some Japanese
  159. looking for a Female English speaker
  160. japanesse degree for a french
  161. In need of Japanese tutor
  162. Looking for someone who can help me in Japanese
  163. Teaching english in exchange for japanese
  164. Metodo para Aprender Japones
  165. Someone who wants to visit Belgium
  166. Msn exchange language learning
  167. looking for female Japanes/Italian/ friends
  168. any japanese buddy
  169. 趣味がいい?日本人探し
  170. Willing to help with English, in exchange for Japanese.
  171. I am helping with greek and english
  172. Language exchange in Las Vegas
  173. trying to learn japanese
  174. Want to learn dutch? In Exchange for Japanese!?
  175. Looking for language and culture exchange partners!
  176. Japanese for English
  177. Uh, all french people come here...
  178. Looking for Japanese who needs to learn English! ;D
  179. Any ladies in Kansai want to meet?
  180. Langage Exchange in illinois?? (Japanese - English)
  181. Enlgish Japanese Exchange
  182. I'm a japanese student.please teach or exchange language!
  183. wanted: native japanese speakers in edinburgh
  184. English for Japanese
  185. please, help needed.
  186. looking for friends who speak eng !
  187. Maybe you could fill me in on something.
  188. Will be willing to exchange english for japanese
  189. (Native) Japanese Speakers
  190. japanese questions
  191. Looking for some one to teach me Japanese!!!!
  192. Language exchange in Las Vegas
  193. Girls Only ~ Japanese & English Exchange
  194. Exchange? English-><-Japanese
  195. looking for woman English teacher!
  196. How can you tell when someone truly wants to help you learn the language?
  197. look for eng speaker friends~women only
  198. Japanese VS English
  199. I'll Trade u English For Japanese,korea,chinese
  200. Exchanging English for Japanese
  201. want to learn japanese
  202. French in exchange of japanese!
  203. Looking for a language partner from English speaking countries
  204. Want to learn japanese and I will help you learn English
  205. Japanese/French/English for Italian/Korean?
  206. Penpals?
  207. Looking for a friend who speaks Japanese!
  208. College student looking for help with Japanese. English in exchange ^^
  209. Looking for a penpal for a 13 yr/old Japanese boy.
  210. I'm a Sensei
  211. wanna learn japanese..(a bit)
  212. I'm looking for friend who is English native speaker!
  213. J + E / J + F
  214. looking for guy/girl friends
  215. I'm looking for friends too...
  216. Where to learn Japanese in Tokyo
  217. Native Speaker in both English and Chinese, also fluent in Japanese
  218. seeking for female native japan speaker to exchange with english language
  219. Looking for a Japanese native speaker
  220. Hi
  221. Hello my name is Tamia and I speak English and Spanish and I want to learn Japanese
  222. New in Japan.
  223. need help!!!
  224. Looking for a japanese msn user
  225. i speak Arabic and English and i would love to learn Japanese
  226. Looking for English Speaking Friends
  227. indonesia go
  228. I am English and am looking to learn
  229. Huzzah! japanese Teacher
  230. I want to learn diff languages and cultures !!
  231. Need Language Tutor
  232. Native English Speaker Here/Need Japanese PenPal (Practice)
  233. Exchange Japan to Korean
  234. Looking forward to your contact
  235. Help!
  237. hi,im japanese.female.I wanna improve my english!
  238. Looking For Someone To Teach Me Japanese...
  239. I'm looking for someone to teach me japanese! Onegai!!!
  240. Native English speaker...need Japanese teacher in exchange for english
  241. Native English speaker looking for a penpal :)
  242. Hi! I wanna learn Japanese! I will teach you English <3
  243. I speak english and french looking to practise my japanese
  244. Hello I know english very well and am looking to find someone to teach me japanese!
  245. chyoto sumimasen ga. anata wa boku no nihongo sensei des ka?
  246. Help me learn japanese
  247. Help Me Learn Japanese
  248. Who wants to teach me Japanese in exchange for friendship and English lessons? :D
  249. Native Eglish speaker looking to teach.
  250. lets talk using skype!help my speaking english.