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  1. My Girlfriend Is A Doll... Literally
  2. Love Horoscopes!!!
  3. Have you ever liked someone that was soo.....
  4. Long Distance
  5. Forum Rules
  6. Have you ever dated someone from the Internet?
  7. The JF GOD Thread
  8. The JF God
  9. The JF Goddess
  10. has your heart ever been broken?
  11. What type of Geek you prefer?
  12. A little question for you single people.
  13. Ladies you should read this...
  14. Inter-racial attraction
  15. When is ur first kiss?
  16. Blonde,Brunette,Red-haired girl..hair complex?
  17. I Love You
  18. Why Do You Think Men Cheat On Their GF/Spouse?
  19. Describe your first kiss in one word.
  20. Romance books and romance
  21. Loving your friend?
  22. What is your opinion on and older and younger person getting married?
  23. Interracial relationships
  24. Are you
  25. Inter religious dating...
  26. Do you belive in real Love? ...
  27. Newlywed concerns.
  28. How important is height to J-girls
  29. compliments...?
  30. Relationship with japanese man
  31. I Need American Type Of Love From JP female
  32. Why Does The Person Above You Deserve A Relationship?
  33. Over-reaching hospitality from Japanese.
  34. young/old but possible read this very interessing-
  35. Romance Anyone?
  36. True stuff
  37. How your prospective Japanese in-laws reacted after you proposed.
  38. God Punishes The Single
  39. need a little help in love
  40. Here's my crush vent, comment if you wish......
  41. Which fairy tale is your favorite?
  42. JF Couples or would like to be couples!
  43. what am i supposed to think ... or do?
  44. *cough cough* "can i help you?...."
  45. yosH! you choose between Computer or GirlFriend???
  46. IMPORTANT: Changes to JPF
  47. What would you do?
  48. Top 10 Things to look for in a girlfriend!
  49. Type you wanna go for
  50. An update for all of you following my life ^^
  51. The line between love and friendship
  52. Bureda's Jokes
  53. Things that prevent you from getting a GF/BF
  54. Can a relationship survive in complete chaos?
  55. Date ideas?
  56. what age do you think people should wait to
  57. regarding love
  58. My mum has issues with my boyfriend.
  59. do you want iranian friend?
  60. Boyfriend & his Family
  61. japanese virtual girlfriend
  62. relationships - tricky but necessary
  63. Males and Gaming
  64. What do you look for in a partner?
  65. relationship advice
  66. How to know if a Japanese guy likes you?
  67. I dont know what to do about him...
  68. Your Opinion in marriage ??
  69. Interesting in japan music and relationship :)
  70. Girl help
  71. In love with a young girl
  72. Breakup Revenge
  73. Is it possible for young people to love?
  74. in love with a taken japanese girl..
  75. My friend.
  76. Am I engaged or not?
  77. good and bad experiences
  78. What a woman wants
  79. Baby face or Mature face?
  80. Sk8r and and V.k.
  81. your worst rejection
  82. this is long. Iz my friendship problem.
  83. Who's more dominant in your relationship?
  84. Do you think middle eastren guys have a chance with japanese girls ??
  85. jist business
  86. People Who Want to Kill You in Your Sleep
  87. I wanna confess to him how i feel,should i and how??
  88. Distances
  89. The Perfect Girlfriend.
  90. Inter-Religious Relationships
  91. Want an older sis/bro?
  92. Japanese girls turned off by muscle?
  93. whats going on????
  94. That's so sweet!
  95. Words' meanings?
  96. Romance in Japan... Is reality always bitter?
  97. how do you make a person to fall in love?
  98. Girlfriend Trouble
  99. Special times calling for special gifts
  100. underage dating
  101. strong hug from japanese guy
  102. Anxiety over a girl
  103. Question about Japanese women over 40 wanting to have foreigner's babies
  104. how many times do you ask her out?
  105. what does this sound like to you
  106. Is she not right in the head?
  107. i am sorry....
  108. How to woo (respectfully) a Japanese woman?
  109. how to woo a j-boy?
  110. I need some advice please
  111. How to approach a partner!
  112. Japanese Girls & Your Obsession with Japan.
  113. Japanese Dating (Rituals)?
  114. Is it hard for you to confess?
  115. Would you like to have a japanese boyfriend? Why?
  116. Is your best friend of the opposite sex?
  117. help please
  118. need some advice
  119. Asian men and White woman??
  120. it hurts .... .o( _ _ )o ショボーン
  121. Some advice needed
  122. 0_o
  123. feelings, should I avoid to speak about it?
  124. Being Left out and need some advice
  125. Do american/non-asian girls like japanese guys?
  126. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. I am not sure what to do, and could use help
  128. japanese girlfriend problems.
  129. Need some advice
  130. Help i really need it
  131. How much do you care about looks?
  132. Looking for a relationship?
  133. dad vs. me
  134. Advice please?
  135. Hotel date
  136. Post yOur Instant messenger here,MSN,YAHOO,GMAIL, anything LEts Chat people
  137. what do you do when you love somone?
  138. Relationship?
  139. Help with gal problems
  140. marriage problem...pls advise!
  141. Shizuoka Central Jail
  142. The Japanese Girl I like is shy around me, please help!.
  143. Attitudes toward staying home.
  144. Looking for penpal in Tokyo
  145. dazed and confused...
  146. who is the atractive Japanese for you?
  147. Arranged Marriage ...
  148. Chat up lines
  149. Can my penpal Become My GirlFriend?
  150. hello
  151. The portrayal of women & relationships in Anime
  152. Loooking for some Girl (Ligit) friends
  153. Attracted to Eurasians? Complete this simple test!
  154. When you love someone who doesn't love you back...
  155. can anyone share your experience about how to get along with your Japanese partner?
  156. Looking for a Boy Friend.
  157. Need help on a sword
  158. What do you do if you love someone that just so happens to be gay
  159. Getting a japanese girlfriend
  160. Plz give me advice for this!!
  161. Looking for a PenPal in Japan
  162. i m lookin 4 just a online girlfriend ( just to talk)
  163. You're such a CHEATER!!!
  164. courting or friendship???
  165. just for fun
  166. Couple activities on rainy days?
  167. help me
  168. Japanese guy likes me or not?
  169. I am a Japanese guy, but I am looking for a non-Japanese girlfriend!
  170. Strange Reaction.
  171. Define your taste in girls/boys with max 2 pics
  172. Do you go for looks or personality?
  173. Insecurities while in a relationship
  174. What would you do if you found that your gf/bf is attracted by someone else?
  175. Problem with friends
  176. Your great expectation
  177. where do you meet people?
  178. Questions for the Japanese men
  179. What should I do?
  180. English in Japan
  181. What are girls looking for in their men these days?
  182. Searching For...
  183. that japanese girl on the bus...
  184. Nicknames, petnames (for persons of opposite sex)
  185. This exchange student girl...
  186. Situation with a girl - thoughts?
  187. Japanese views on dating
  188. men intimidated by really pretty girls
  189. Asian men only like Asian women?
  190. My Relationship:
  191. How can I get a Asian boyfriend!!
  192. Ask the girls
  193. How well do you deal with rejection?
  194. searching for dating/friendship/or relationship w/ asian male/female in st. louis, mo
  195. Interracial Relationships
  196. BRANCH: Careers and childraising
  197. Help Please You Must Read And Reply
  198. Ever Written A Poem To A Lover?
  199. Which Japanese Female Problem Have You Experienced?
  200. What American Female problems have you experienced?
  201. Letters lovers
  202. Do japanese people marry/date other Asians?
  203. How do you deal with a japanese boyfriend/husband?
  204. Bi in Japan?
  205. fell in love
  206. Ask the guys
  207. Vegetarian vs Non-Vege
  208. Are Japanese guys the same "size" as Americans?
  209. Do older single Japanese women need to date foreigners to get married?
  210. 日本女性のこと。A discussion about Japanese girls. (Replies in English/日本語で答えてもいい)
  211. Online Dating and the Japanese Culture
  212. Will men from asian/japanese culture date a black woman
  213. Love letter
  214. Totally Confused
  215. second chances? (long)
  216. I broke up with bf in Japan .. last night
  217. Meet up?
  218. Marriage registration?!!?
  219. I told her i like her, dou shiyou?
  220. I want to live in japan!
  221. Looking for a japanese girl-friend
  222. Long Term Relationship--having second thoughts?
  223. Does my Japanese friend likes me?
  224. Need help with understanding my japanese boyfriend ><
  225. i hate my japanese girlfriend
  226. Arranged or Love Marriage??
  227. Did my Japanese roommate have a thing for me?
  228. I like Japan girls
  229. Help with Japanese girl please
  230. japanese girls-what do they think of chinese or other aisan guys
  231. How do you hook up with japanese girls?
  232. Looking for Japanese Girlfriend
  233. Dying to depart from China
  234. Am i just a friend?
  235. Relationship with a japanese guy
  236. Help Needed ! People lives in Kurashi - Okayama !
  237. To Japanese Guys!
  238. Is my Japanese friend interested in me?
  239. Buy credit cards, driving license, passports, ID cards, IELTS, offshore bank accounts