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  1. Japan population is going downwards?
  2. Japanese Yen Stronger Against Dollar in 2007 - Analysts
  3. 'Giri' chocolate custom still popular for Valentine's Day in Japan
  4. Koreans Living In Japan Causing A Fuss
  5. Number of child abuse cases rises 34% in 2006
  6. Ishikawa school principal sexually molested students, say officials
  7. Japanese News
  8. Driver falls to death after truck smashes through expressway wall
  9. Nigerian man allowed to stay in Japan
  10. Japan to give Y104 mil in emergency grant aid to Iraq
  11. Japanese film wins major prize at anime festival in Brussels
  12. Gov't warns of possible abnormal behavior among juveniles with flu
  13. Tokyo has 1st winter without snow on record
  14. Pope to recognize 188 martyrs in Japan
  15. Young Japanese & Their Cellphones
  16. Rural Japan Facing Big Problems As Major Cities Rebound
  17. 2 new news
  18. Long-running newspaper cartoon ends
  19. work at home business
  20. 1st Japan-authorized high school in U.S. closes after 20 years
  21. Megumi film screened prior to U.N. human rights confab
  22. Female foreigners are OK in Japan, so long as they're not Asian
  23. Japan Today -> Pearl Harbor?
  24. Tokyo Tower turns green for St Patrick's Day
  25. Japan Trip
  26. Help the dolphins
  27. ^^The Emperor of Japan will visit Estonia on May 24 and 25
  28. Y10,000 bills found floating in Machida river
  29. Murder of English teacher in Japan
  30. 2 Japanese among 4 kidnapped for $150,000 ransom in Paraguay
  31. Mother held for starving handicapped son to death in Kumamoto
  32. Man arrested for abusing pet ferret, posting footage on Internet
  33. Japanese gals don't want to marry temp workers
  34. Japanese Vending Machines Offer Just About Everything
  35. Japanese College For Housewives Changing Lives
  36. Nagasaki Mayor critical after shooting, suspect believed to be Yakuza
  37. Japan is top blogging country on earth
  38. Explosion sends man flying out of 5th floor apartment in Sapporo
  39. tokyo news
  40. Concern over drop in Japanese students abroad
  41. Priest explains Japanese Shinto religion to tourists
  42. Smoking Rate Drops Among Japanese Men
  43. Japan "Baby Box" abused *unwanted kids dropped in a box
  44. Dekikon Marriages on the Rise in Japan
  45. WOW japan crime rates increasing
  46. Japanese are the best tourists in the world
  47. Dead Men Walking: Japan's Death Penalty
  48. Japanese Eating Disorders O_o;
  49. Record: Mount Everest
  50. Barbie dolls in Hello Kitty costumes to debut in over 10 countries
  51. Japanese Lesbian politician Gets Married
  52. Japan's Richest People 2006 - Mori tops Son
  53. 2news:oldest male and a choking on a konjac-style jelly news
  54. Global Warming Threathens Mt Fuji
  55. The Prince Is Drunk
  56. Dead actor and a crazy nurse.
  57. Japan Offers Bullet Train Technology to Russia
  58. Atomic Bombings Had To Happen : Japanese Official
  59. Fastest Japanese bullet train goes into service
  60. Londoners to be treated to Japanese music at world festival
  61. Search for Japan quake survivors
  62. Two earthquake's in Japan
  63. Bon' midsummer holiday exodus peaks at airports, train stations, expressways
  64. Japanese Department Stores Mitsukoshi, Isetan Merging
  65. Japanese love hotels catering to women, not men
  66. Gaijin Get OUt
  67. Ericka Sawajiri
  68. Japan's health(y) issues
  69. Online Education in Japan?
  70. Japan's smoking rate hits record low
  71. hw much Yen is per email send by hp in japan
  72. Japan to lower age of majority from 20 to 18
  73. Nova is filing for bankruptcy
  74. Japanese Dog Names
  75. Yen hits 1 and half year high.
  76. Use of E-cash in Japan
  77. Fusako Sano - Kidnapped for 9 years
  78. Famous Historical Figures of Japan
  79. Okinawa rape case sparks resentment
  80. Man shoots himself at Japan's parliament
  81. New 500 km/h Shinkansen line will start from either Tokyo or Shinagawa
  82. JR East starts online Shinkansen reservation system for visitors to Japan
  83. Should the U.S. forces leave Japan?
  84. Another US Military incident : (
  85. Buddhist dog prays for worldly desires
  86. Railroad offers free travel to passengers dressed as ninja
  87. Paper Airplane to Fly from Space to Earth
  88. Police agency gets ball rolling on supervising interrogations
  89. China's president expected to visit Japan on May 6
  90. Japanese-fathered Philippine trio get nationality
  91. 20 teachers punished over 'Kimigayo' row
  92. Japanese stocks sold 2nd most in March
  93. Few theaters to screen controversial 'Yasukuni'
  94. Cabinet support sinks to new low
  95. Japanese artists urge China to meet Dalai Lama
  96. Japan, France to promote use of nuclear power
  97. Fukuda Cabinet disapproval rate tops 50%
  98. 3 School Girls Attack Police Officers
  99. MSDF drill held at Sasebo base
  100. American woman missing in Hokkaido
  101. 10% of nation lives in Tokyo
  102. Fujitsu to Launch World's First 320 GB 2.5" Hard Drive with AES 256-bit Encryption
  103. Fukuda, Lee agree to push North
  104. Bilateral ties hinge on young: Lee
  105. Body of man who jumped from bullet train recovered in Shizuoka
  106. Offbeat: Model robot wars
  107. TCI exec rips Japan for poor corporate governance
  108. Japan, S.Korea mark year of exchange
  109. TCI has called J-Power to pay higher dividends
  110. whaling in Japan
  111. Japan to increase assistance to Laos
  112. JAL mechanics, other ground staff to train for emergency escapes
  113. Japan getting older
  114. More Japanese using e-payment for taxes, premiums
  115. Moss Phlox fields in Chichibu
  116. Japan may ship Philippines 200,000 tons of rice
  117. Japanese fact-finding mission to Myanmar
  118. Overwork-linked suicides in Japan
  119. Waseda University rape scandal
  120. JR Rape Case??
  121. Japanese Red Cross sending tents to China
  122. Japanese woman caught living in man's closet
  123. Japan to tighten safety audit of airlines
  124. DPJ looks to censure Fukuda
  125. Jasdaq approves integration with OSE
  126. Super Japan News
  127. Japan, N.Korea to discuss pending issues
  128. Japan, China agree on gas exploration in East China Sea
  129. Japan, S Korea to resume EPA talks
  130. 2008.It is held soon.It is presentation to Toyako summit
  131. Japan, China, S.Korea to unify commuter cards
  132. Tanabata Festival!!
  133. Japan to urge N. Korea to resolve abduction issue
  134. Japan announces more aid for developing nations
  135. Hiraizumi fails in World Heritage site screening
  136. Crown prince seeks public understanding for ailing wife
  137. Kyoko Fukada to play English teacher in new drama
  138. Chinese novelist Yang wins prestigious Japanese literature prize
  139. Traditional festival gathers tourists
  140. Some 150 Japanese Diet members going abroad this summer
  141. Olympic Flame Lights up Confucius Hometown
  142. 10 Olympic Bus Routes Enter Operation
  143. Fukuda to carry out major cabinet reshuffle
  144. Neputa summer festival in Goshogawara
  145. Tokyo Gas buys stake in biomass power company
  146. Japan, China to step up probe into food poisoning
  147. Brother Industries Debuts E-paper in Academic World
  148. 100 A-bomb survivors embark on voyage to pass on experiences to world
  149. Japanese Agencies File Second-Highest Budget Requests Ever
  150. Japan's Machinery Orders Fell 3.9% in July
  151. DPJ to enhance safety nets, reform tax after taking power: Ozawa
  152. Japanese Legal Support: Nagoya Legal Office provides business and personal legal..
  153. IMPORTANT: Changes to JPF
  154. Robot suit for rent in Japan to help people walk
  155. Y1.8 tril extra budget passes lower house
  156. Group protests against removal of 'Barefoot Gen' calendar from school
  157. Japan's Smoking Rate Declines
  158. Record number of new female officials to join state ministries
  159. Takesaki to replace Shimada as Supreme Court chief justice
  160. Aso hoping election talk takes back seat to his foreign policy drive
  161. If you play yugioh in japan, please help!!
  162. Japan, China to address water problems in China
  163. Opposition to grill govt over essay controversy
  164. Japan preparing to help crisis-hit Asian economies
  165. EVENT in UENO, TOKYO: Don't Dump Radiation into the Sea And Land!
  166. Akina Nakamori to release folk song album for Christmas
  167. Tokyo market recovers to 8,000-point level
  168. Japanese man makes Mexico City airport home
  169. Ai Iijima, dead at 36
  170. Beer From Space!
  171. Tokyo International Anime Convention
  172. Events in July
  173. Tsukiji Cuban Cafe - El Sabado de la Cuba Vol. 3 -
  174. Happy New Year
  175. Parranda Candela Live in Shibuya NeZUMI
  176. Finance Minister resigns after drunken press conference in Rome
  177. Number of Japanese studying in US falling fast
  178. Tokyo Combini Wars: Lawson to buy AM/PM
  179. Softbank Japan to offer free iPhones, service discounts
  180. It's Snowing in Tokyo right now?
  181. Welcome to my party!!
  182. Japanese Airports Speed Up Immigration, Customs for Foreigners
  183. Japanese anime industry being killed by free downloads
  184. New Elementary School English Program For Japanese Students
  185. HSBC Japan to offer housing loans to foreigners
  186. French Teens Held Over Akihabara Video Games Scam
  187. NY Inner City Students Learning Japanese Language
  188. Five year Japanese visa possible as immigration bill passes
  189. Tsukiji fish market in Japan, where some tourists stink
  190. Roppongi Drink-Spiking Warning from US Embassy
  191. Japanese Women Looking For Marriage in Bad Economy
  192. 4/11(Sat) Tsukiji Cuban Cafe - El Sabado de la Cuba Vol.4
  193. Japanese tourists to Britain declining fast
  194. Google maps offends some Japanese
  195. Google must re-shoot Street Vie images in Japan
  197. Books about Japan
  198. Japanese American Graduates 67 years after WW2
  199. 'Japanese' pair reportedly held with $134 billion in U.S. bonds
  200. Welfare ministry official arrested over postal fraud
  201. Giant Gundam takes over Tokyo
  202. Miyazaki Gov. Higashikokubaru offers to run for LDP in upcoming elections
  203. Tokyo Summer Events 2009 !!!
  204. Japan's fashion rebellion goes West
  205. Kansai Music Conference Osaka
  206. Japan PM Taro Aso's allies set to demand he resign
  207. NEC, Renesas postpone signing merger deal
  208. ★ 8/22 African Food Cooking Party & Mini Concert ★
  209. Fan message! Harajuku Omotesando Genki Festival-Super Yosakoi 2009.
  210. Bunny Cafe
  211. Communication Skills Workshop
  212. New years events near Tokyo?
  213. Tatsuya Ichihashi Caught.
  214. Japan returns 10 crested ibises to China
  215. Support rate for Hatoyama cabinet marginally up at 63%
  216. Princess Aiko turns 8 years old
  217. Gov't loses people's trust for denying secret pacts on Okinawa reversion with U.S.
  218. Sumo Grand Champ Forced Into Retirement
  219. 野生動物の日本: News and oddities about wildlife in Japan
  220. Which is worse? Asashoryu or Ozawa?
  221. Subway may go 24 hours
  222. CO of USS COWPENS Relieved for cruelty
  223. Osaka Prefecture Considers To Regulate Boys Love Manga
  224. Korea’s NHN Buys Japanese Portal Livedoor For $68 Million
  225. Man arrested for pirating PSP games
  226. Fake iPad is now being released!
  227. Smoking Toddler in Indonesia
  228. 3 Japanese Drug smugglers executed in China
  229. Twitter a hit in Japan as millions 'mumble' online
  230. Full Guide: How to Convert DVD to MP4, AVI, 3GP, iPod ......
  231. Prime Minister KAN's wife writes book
  232. Two Hanged
  233. japan times- Peace rally
  234. Annexation of south Korea
  235. JAPAN TIMES re Hiroshima
  236. JAPAN TODAY KAN in Nagasaki
  237. fire on mountain in KYOTO farewell to souls of ancestors
  238. Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji Begins September
  239. ELDERLY AMERICAN P O Ws at last some recognition'
  240. satellite launched
  241. Japan Earth Quake 6.3
  242. Japan murder suspect issues apology
  243. When will Japan remember murdered citizens?
  244. Japan Yen - too strong
  245. Dying Art Of The Kimono
  246. Time Lapse Videos of Japanese Plants
  247. NEW MILITARY UNIT TO watch the chinese
  248. new list of kanji? article below.
  249. Cram School Buys Out Shane English School
  250. Artillery fire on Korean border