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  1. Looking for Foreign Friends!
  2. looking for foreign friends here
  3. HI!i came from china! i want to make friends of forienger!
  4. I'm American looking for foreign buddies
  5. American looking for all kinds of friends
  6. New Member Introduction
  7. Guy From Norway
  8. I want a japanese friend (=
  9. Hi! I'm new here, so...
  10. i am thai man would like to make friend
  11. make frıends from Japan wıth BBM
  12. I'll visit tokyo on 26-July-2011, looking to make friend from tokyo.
  13. Photography Contacts , Coseplay / Harajuku Models
  14. Looking for japanese friends .
  15. Greetings from Russia
  16. looking for japanese or uk friend :D
  17. Looking for some foreign Friends
  18. new to japan forum
  19. Looking for an old friend
  20. koniciwa
  21. can we become friends............??????
  22. Looking for Google+ friends!
  23. Looking for foreign friends :)
  24. Chinese find the world friend, also want to learn English and Japanese.
  25. Wish to have a friends...
  26. friends in Japan
  27. looking for friends
  28. Japanese friends WANTED
  29. Hi, greetings from Serbia!
  30. any friends in Jordan?
  31. Singaporean looking for japanese frens in Singapore
  32. Looking for foreign friends:)
  33. I'm looking for Japanese friends.
  34. I broke up with bf in Japan .. last night .. want to talk to new friends
  35. How to find a person in Japan?
  36. ♥ 付き合う日本の友達
  37. Friends in Tokyo?
  38. Newbie
  39. Chat? anyone?
  40. pen pals?
  41. Looking for Japanese friends!
  42. snail mail?
  43. Pole (from Poland :) ) looking for Japanese penfriends
  44. looking for foreign friends.
  45. looking for foreign friends.
  46. 来自中国的问候!
  47. Hell-O !
  48. Looking for Japanese friend :)
  49. Help the newbie…
  50. Looking for friends from all over the world!
  51. Hey:vsign: :vsign: looking for otakus in japan to befriend
  52. Looking for foreign skype friends!
  53. looking for skype friends
  54. Looking japanese friend ^^
  55. Hi!
  56. はじめまして! Greetings!! :)
  57. Hi!!
  58. Hang out in tokyo
  59. New to this forum
  60. Looking for friends ,let's talk about football!!
  61. hi im new
  62. LooKing For Friends ^_^ Im new here.
  63. looking for friend to help me?
  64. Hello everyone ^_^
  65. Italian Guy looking for friends from all over the world
  66. 今日は
  67. New member 新しい人
  68. why hello!
  69. getting in touch
  70. Hello!
  71. Hello from Libya!
  72. New to the forum
  73. Searching Skype Friends for speaking English and Japanese
  74. Hello ^w^
  75. Aloha from Hawaii I'm New to this forum
  76. Lets talk! Ok, foreign people? Ok then.
  77. anyone in Hiroshima Shi
  78. Hello :) Looking for friends
  79. Hello Everybody,
  80. hello☆
  81. Just joined from South Africa
  82. Nihon daisuki! Greetings from China girl
  83. Looking for friends in Japan!
  84. We're representing Japan in a pageant. Can you please help us? :)
  85. Looking for Japanese friend
  86. Hello all!
  87. Who wants to club in Roppongi tonight?
  88. I wanna some friends who are speak in English
  89. Looking for Japanese friend who come to Vietnam.
  90. London, England =]
  91. Looking for friends in Tokyo!
  92. Filmmaking friends (OC area)
  93. Hello Japan Forum and its Community
  94. from italia
  95. Hope we can be friends! :D
  96. Helloooo :D
  97. Hi JF'ers
  98. looking for friends
  99. Hi, everyone!
  100. i'm new here and wanted more friends
  101. hello!, i am looking friends that can help me with japanese (:
  102. Hi Every One... Looking for Friends in IT Industry
  103. Brand New Here!!
  104. hi there.. nice to meet u .
  105. Greetings From Europe
  106. Looking for a friend from Japan
  107. Looking For New Friends
  108. Looking for friends to talk about Japan/speak Japanese with!
  109. looking for skype friends from japan!
  110. Hi guys! I'm Japanese ;) I'm looking for friend from all of the world
  111. Looking for japanese friends who want to improve english(together)
  112. Any Fanfiction Authors for Vocaloid or Anyone Interesting in Writing
  113. looking for a friend ( l am new here.)^^
  114. I need to have a conversation with a native Japanese person for a school project
  115. Not just a friend but a fren
  116. Looking for DANES and GERMANS
  117. Hey hows it going?
  118. searching friends
  119. Looking for some international friends!
  120. Japanese Friends needed!!
  121. 26 yrs from norway, looking friends in Japan
  122. looking for skype friends from Japan
  123. friend from Japan
  124. japanese girl looking for japanese for friendship in New york
  125. I am looking for someone who can cooperate
  126. Seeking for japanese friends to get to know a little bit more about this country
  127. Looking for any kind of friend, japanese or not, who likes hiking and nature
  128. I am looking for someone who can cooperate for my survey.
  129. Hello, looking for contact with someone from Japan
  130. Looking for a Connection
  131. Im looking for frends.
  132. Moroccan boy looking for friends talking english
  133. I need friends and help ^^
  134. Looking for someone to help me learn Japanese.
  135. In Tokyo from February till June
  136. Tsunami missing
  137. Looking for a friend I can contact?
  138. I wanna learn Japanese =)
  139. I wanna learn Japanese =)
  140. Like to invite Japanese people to Maldives
  141. I want to learn Japanese & Looking for friends.
  142. I would like to find someone that likes the same things that i do.
  143. I want to find a true friend, a real friend someone that likes the same things that i
  144. Instagram
  145. All i want is a 'real' friend, a 'true' friend
  146. European girl looking for teacher
  147. Learning Nihongo
  148. Facebook penpal
  149. pen-pal please!
  150. Looking for Japanes friends
  151. Konbanwa!
  152. I can not find anyone
  153. Mysterious Japanese … Friend for 22y/o guy from Europe?
  154. Looking for skype friends
  155. Looking for friend in Japan
  156. Looking new friends
  157. Hi ;D
  158. Dream come true
  159. looking for people who are interesting with talking Japanese
  160. Friendship
  161. Friendship
  162. Mts 変換フリー -- Mtsファイルを変換
  163. Friendship
  164. Seeking JF 20-35
  165. Fellow Minnesotans who want to do a visual kei tribute band?
  166. Looking for japanese speaking friends
  167. Looking for friends :)
  168. Hey Everyone!
  169. I am looking for help moving to and working in Japan
  170. would like to make some japanese freinds
  171. ガイド―avchd 変換の使い方 Avchd 編集
  172. Friends
  173. 'm a filmmaker and i'm looking for some friend ^_^.
  174. Viking looking for japanese friends!
  175. Find me on facebook
  176. Hello I am looking for friends
  177. Looking for Japanese friends :)
  178. older Japanese Friend
  179. Looking for old friends
  180. Looking for friends in Japan
  181. Japanese ladies visiting Singapore for a short tour
  182. Japanese Friend on Skype?
  183. Lets be friends XD
  184. Let's be friends! :)
  185. Visiting Japan looking for friends
  186. Would love to have a Japanese penpal!
  187. Friendship. Anime, Playstation, the Rain, Lolita clothing
  188. Based on your Japanese goods
  189. 日本人ですどうも、友達がほしい・・・
  190. Ohayō!
  191. looking for Japanese friends
  192. 29 male very friendly would love to chat
  193. make firends in Japan
  194. 初めまして~アンナです!
  195. Help finding the Japanese girl of my dream
  196. Canadian filmmaker looking for japanese filmmakers!
  197. Waiting for my Angel
  198. Looking for Japanese friend to practice the language!
  199. looking for English friend in London UK
  200. Searching for a Japanese Friend, also help us out when we visit Japan
  201. Make friends
  202. Let's have fun Japan :)
  203. 日本語と手伝ってくださる方募集中です(^○^)
  204. Hey guys i'm new here and i wouldnt mind meeting and making some new friends!
  205. Looking for lost japanese friend
  206. Swiss guy looking for friends who likes anime
  207. Looking for Japanese friend
  208. I am looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend from Japan
  209. Exchange culture/ learning English
  210. I'm looking for a friend!
  211. Did you find scammers or molesters here?
  212. Looking For A Friend In Kurashiki - Okayama Urgently
  213. Looking for Japanese male Friends!
  214. Looking for japanese friends
  215. hi from china