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Sarkry 02-21-2015 05:39 AM

Japanese Manga
Is reading untranslate manga a good way to learn Japanses? At least as far as reading goes?

RadioKid 02-21-2015 01:51 PM

I do not think so because manga has very un-usual and strange expression used. You had better to learn basic Japanese characters and expressions before reading un-translated manga.

Picture books for Japanese children can be good material for Japanese learners.

Sarkry 02-21-2015 07:39 PM

Good to know. I'll look into that.

RadioKid 02-22-2015 02:29 AM

This site will help you.

Digital EHON (Picture Book) Site | NIHONGO eな - Portal for Learning Japanese -

xehd72nhapkhau 04-07-2016 01:17 AM

Japanese comics
I've learned from conan detective stories . i really like this book from Japan

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