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RadioKid 09-09-2017 12:22 AM

Impressed English phrases
The other day, I came across an English expression "for the first time in the while" in a facebook post by my friend who is English native living in Japan over 20 years. Though I'm not sure if it is usual English expression, it fits Japanese expression "ひさしぶり:HISASHIBURI;long time no see" very well.

As such, some English expression guided me to another view in English.

The first encounter was the word "infamous" which was appeared as the opposite word of "famous". It was a surprise for me. Can you guess why?

I had understood "famous" as "known to everyone" and the opposite should be "no one knows". And then I understood "famous" means "known to everyone as fine".

I think it could be useful for Japanese learners to know how Japanese understand English.

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