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The Official Happy Birthday Thread!!! - 05-16-2007, 04:18 AM

I quess this is much easier than making all those theads everytime ^^

there are 2 people who are celebrating today and those people are:




Happy birthday hardy1 & Koyuki91 i hope you both have a wonderfull day ^^

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05-16-2007, 05:09 AM

Eh, everyone should get their own thread for that special day! Its your B-Day, why share it with others! hehe

Happy B-Day x2 to those I do-not know!

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05-16-2007, 01:47 PM

ya happy b-day ^^

x麗 性x


Uruha, Bou, Yuuto, Shiyuu, Yuuichi, Yomi, Hiko, Hide, Zero
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Yamamato (Offline)
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05-16-2007, 01:49 PM

happy birthday to the both of you !
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happy - 05-16-2007, 02:08 PM


All you need in this world is Love Strength Determination
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05-16-2007, 02:12 PM

I agree with Katashi-san. So why not we post all our birthdays here? That way, everyone'll be able to check whose ones come first and prepare a surprise in advance without letting the b-day person(s) find out...? Heck, I'm thinking double celebrations if they have a couple in the same week XD

There's no such thing as happy endings, for when you find true love, happiness is everlasting.

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05-16-2007, 02:22 PM

i didnt know about this, i usually send PM saying HB but *shrugs* cant much anymore!


*dances and throws confettie in your face* hehe

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Look at you hiding,
all the things to endure me.
I need you here with me,
wanting you to believe me,
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Blush with shame,
when I think of you,
and your pale skin.
I need you here with me,
wanting you to believe me,
I sell my soul for you...
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05-16-2007, 03:02 PM


(mine in 3 days ^.^)

Rest in peace Emily
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05-16-2007, 04:02 PM

i think everyone deserves a individual thread for happy bdays
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05-16-2007, 04:54 PM


The pic added goes to the ones whose ideas are in a box, to the ones who don't give respect to the one who doesn't fit in that box, stereotying one as I am. You'll soon learn your mistake in not getting the chance, because of Your Error to get to know as others have gotten to know, love, respect, and appreciate me for who I am and not for what you aim to make me.

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