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Nyororin 09-04-2009 12:10 PM

Do Not Reply To Spam
I believe this was brought up in the past, but I`m going to emphasize it here again.


There is NO REASON that anyone needs to reply to a blatant spam thread or post. There is a thread dedicated to reporting spam and the like - MAKE USE OF IT.

Replying to a spam post just gives the mods more work, and makes you look stupid. Hopping in and saying "Spam! Busted!!! HAHAHAHA!" is NOT going to earn you points with the mods. The opposite, in fact, as after we get rid of the spam posts we`ll have to dredge through and get rid of YOUR spam posts made in reply.

Nyororin 06-01-2011 04:22 PM

I should not have to emphasize this again, but it`s turning into a real problem recently.


It`s not a "Don`t bother" policy - it makes it MUCH harder for mods to remove the spam posts.

We have two options - remove all posts by the spammer, and remove all threads by the spammer. If the spammer has only posted *threads*, then it`s fine to just remove all their threads.

However, a lot of spammers do a mix - a bunch of posts, and a bunch of threads. If they have 30 some posts, I am going to select to remove all of their posts. This will take care of all the posts and all the threads created by the spammer - but only if no one has replied to the spam thread.

If there is a thread mixed up in there that YOU HAVE REPLIED TO - guess what - your post is going to stay, making it look like you started the thread. It may be fun to post something witty in response, but I am not going to go through the entire board hunting down the left behind replies - that are sometimes even quoting the spam links... :rolleyes:

If you have been going out of your way to reply to spam threads - you know who you are. The next time you do it, I`m just going to leave you as the first poster in the thread.

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