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tangomike 05-30-2011 09:00 AM

Hideyoshis Invasion of Korea (1592-1598)
I've been recently been watching subtitled episodes of this Korean show called The Immortal Yi Soon Shin. It revolved around the famous Korean Admirial Yi Soon Shin who employed armoured turtle boats to crush Japanese navies and cut their supply lines. Japanese samurai armies often annihilated opposing Korean armies in land battles but at sea the Koreans definitely had the upper hand which resulted in Korean victory. Without food, supplies and reinforcements Japanese armies started getting ambushed by guerilla fighters and weakened to a point where they eventually withdrew due to lack of naval support and some Chinese intervention.

It just goes to show that a strong Navy is as important as a strong Army! and in the modern world the Air Force is jsut as important, likely even more important.

I thought it was very interesting to have a non-Japanese source write about samurai...the only other time that woulda happned is the Mongol Invasions in the 13th century but I dont think the Mongols have any written record of it.

King Seonjo asked his military advisor Shi-oen-lee,
"You have already told me about the low accuracy of Japanese muskets. Why, then, are Korean armies having great problem with defeating them?"
He then answered.
"The Korean soldiers cower before the enemy and flee for their lives even before they have engaged the enemy. As for the commanders, they seldom leave their positions because they fear that they might be executed for deserting. However, there is a limit to executing deserting soldiers since there are so many of them. Truly, the Japanese aren't good musketeers, but they advance so rapidly that they appear right in front of the Koreans in the time Koreans can shoot only two arrows. It is said that Koreans are good archers, but they seldom hit the targets when the enemy is too far away, and are too scared to shoot when the enemy is near because they fear Japanese swords. Archery often becomes useless because Koreans, fearing the Japanese arme blanche (swords, spears and lances) , can barely shoot. The Japanese are reputed to be good swordsmen, but it is possible for Koreans to draw swords and hold their ground. However, the Koreans seldom do this and merely run for their lives."[79]

The conflict is a perfect example as to why you must have a balanced Army, Navy and (well now Air Force) to achieve victory. No matter how superior Japanese land forces were it wasnt relevant in the big picture without proper supplies and support.

wut else do ya'll think about this?

hitotsz 05-31-2011 04:50 PM


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