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Old Japanese money - 02-16-2017, 05:42 AM

I will be visiting Japan in the near future and have a question about some old Japanese yen notes that were given to me by my mother who brought them back from Japan on her last trip there in 1980. There are several 10,000 yen notes along with several smaller notes adding up to about 300,000 yen. I believe they are called Shotoku taishi notes and I have been told that this particular type of note has not been used in Japan for many years and many stores and merchants may not accept them.

I planned on using this money for most of my spending on this trip.

So, my question is: Will I have any problems using this money in Japan ?

I have also been told to go to a bank and exchange the old notes for newer ones. Will I have any problems exchanging these notes and where is a good place to exchange them ? Is there an exchange counter at Haneda airport that will handle this type of transaction ?

Any help I can get will be appreciated.

Thank you.
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02-16-2017, 01:51 PM

You can use old Japanese money.

But please be informed that there can be bad guys who try to use the fake notes made in somewhere and Japanese people would hesitate to accept it when foreign guy try to use or to exchange old notes with new notes.

I recommend to exchange your old notes at bank or other professional money exchange shops. As the first hand, ask foreign money exchanger at the airport to exchange your money with new ones.

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joske (Offline)
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02-17-2017, 07:24 AM

Radio Kid - Domo Arigato. Thank you for your help.
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