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Are Japanese a master race ? 日本人はマスターレースですか? - 02-23-2017, 07:49 AM

Do japanese think they're a master race ? I heard they think they're a superior race and superior to others including the west. They think they're superior in asia although korea and japan are the most advanced in asia.

They invented lot of things and culture. They have big brands like cars and electronics and they are also known for their technology and video games.

日本人は彼らがマスターレースだと思う?私は彼らが優 れたレースだと思っていて、西を含む他の人よりも優れ ていると聞いていました。韓国や日本はアジアで最も進 んでいるが、彼らはアジアで優れていると思う。

彼らは多くのものや文化を発明しました。彼らは車やエ レクトロニクスのような大きなブランドを持っており、 彼らは技術とビデオゲームでも知られています。

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05-02-2017, 03:25 AM

There is no master race. The only master you should have is yourself.

The idea of a master race is a farce knowingly created by by a small group of the ambitious in order to fool fellow members of their race that the world belongs to them. This small group uses the idea of racial superiority as an excuse to civilize the world, and to make it a better place. The fellow members of this race are then manipulated into fighting and conquering, believing that they are bringing peace and prosperity to those they defeat. In reality, they are just stupid stick-up men robbing the world, and handing over everything they steal to their masters, who are the most evil of all living things.

Whenever someone says that we all need to work together in order to solve a problem, or improve the common good, beware. We are much better off, and much more free when we work individually to solve our own individual problems. When we are all better off as individuals, society is collectively better off, without giving away our rights and freedoms to those who then use their increased power to coerce wealth and power, and cause wars to increase these even further.

As Wartime Japan's great ally, Adolph Hitler stated: "What a wonderful thing for rulers that men are stupid." He was taking about the German people, the "master race" who put him into power, and gave him the mandate to eventually destroy their own country.
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