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Wednesday 03-23-2020 02:57 PM

Covid-19 and Japan does nothing?
So, outside of this forum is also a virus. I guess most of you have been affected and hopefully not infected. Apparently, Japan is very cool about the corona virus. On the weekend were events for several thousands people. Why do you think this is so?


RadioKid 03-29-2020 12:55 PM

As of 24th/Mar, the strategie of Japanese "committee of specialist against COVID19" was not so bad. Their strategie is to save the heavy patients and to avoid the "getting many people together".

The stratedie had been working good as of earlier half of last week, but in the latter half of last week, the number of the patients increased unexpectedly who were not traced the route of infection.

Instead of "test as possible as they can", they traced all the route of infection to the COVID19 patients. If they lost the "routes", they could do nothing to fight with COVID19.

RadioKid 04-04-2020 08:41 PM

How quiet KYOTO is these days.

RadioKid 04-05-2020 11:45 AM

Some people start "tele-working" (remote work), but I'm still commuting by train with mask (washable-reusable). Most people wear masks (over 80%) in the train. Also I wash my hands every one hour in office and just after returning home.

At weekend, I will not go out except for buying something by car. I prevent meeting people as less as I can.

Though taking such care for my health, I had got sick last week. I had cough and my body temperature was 37.1 degree Celcius at max for one day. I was absent from office for three days and come back on Friday.

When I got 37.1 degree, I called government health support. They asked me of the temperature, feeling of fatigue and abnormal sense of taste. As I have not latter two matters, they did not guide me to the Corona testing.

Now I'm happy and feel healthy. But I'm not sure I'm completely recovered because my body temperature is still slightly more than usual one.

RadioKid 04-05-2020 12:38 PM

By the way, Japanese electronic equipment maker "Sharp" stated in 2004 that they found their "Plasmacluster Ion Air Cleaner" destroys some kind of Corona Virus.

URL is https://jp.sharp/plasmacluster-tech/.../04072701.html and Google translated farmer part as follows.

==== Translation by Google ====

Validated by joint research with Kitasato Institute
World's first * 1 , Plasmacluster Ion (R) * 2 technology inactivates floating "Coronavirus"
In recent years, new viral infections such as SARS (Coronaviridae) and avian influenza (Orthomyxoviridae) have occurred, and the number of cases that threaten people's health has increased. Sharp has pursued air purification using new technologies and has systematically verified the effects of plasma cluster ions on harmful substances that cause airborne diseases. This time, in cooperation with Dr. Tatsuo Suzuki and Dr. Noriotada Kobayashi, the Kitasato Institute and the Kitasato Institute Medical Center Hospital, a world-leading institution in virus research, the feline coronavirus belonging to the coronaviridae family was treated with plasma cluster ions. An activation demonstration experiment was conducted. As a result, we demonstrated that 99.7% was inactivated within 40 minutes, that is, it was able to destroy viruses and suppress infectivity.

As a result, the efficacy of plasma cluster ions in three basic types of major pathogenic viruses caused by airborne infections could be verified.

"Plasma cluster ion technology" is a technology that releases a large amount of positive and negative ions generated from water molecules and oxygen molecules in the air into the air to surround mold, influenza virus, mite allergens, etc. This is a revolutionary air purification technology that is inactivated by a reaction. We developed this technology in 2000, and are working to verify its efficacy in collaboration with academic research institutions around the world based on the idea of ​​academic marketing * 3 .

* We are also working on the demonstration of the effect of plasma cluster ions on inactivating SARS virus.
* 1 As of July 27, 2004, at Plasmacluster Ion
* 2 Plasmacluster, Plasmacluster Ion and Plasmacluster are trademarks of Sharp Corporation.
* 3 A marketing method for verifying scientific data on the efficacy of technology in collaboration with advanced academic research institutions and promoting commercialization based on the data.


Their Product is here. https://jp.sharp/kuusei/plasmacluster/ (in Japanese with photo).

I have the Air Cleaner by Sharp and is using it sometimes (not always). I'm not sure it works against virus or not.

RadioKid 04-08-2020 03:06 PM

Japanese Prime Minister "ABE, SHINZO" stated "Emergency Situation" yesterday.

Then what will happen ?

In Tokyo and other six cities, many schools, universities, restaurants and shops are closed and the students and employees will move back their home town in rural area. Some of the people will bring corona virus with them.

How does the statement work? Who knows?

RadioKid 04-12-2020 03:08 PM

Though ”Emergency Declaration" was made, my life has not changed so much.

I still commute to the office, buy something in local market or convenient store.

Since February, I stopped meeting friend periodically. I usually drink alcohol with friend not so much.

One plan I changed after the declaration is week end driving in mountain side of KANAGAWA pref. I thought it is a good idea to spend weekend for driving because i will not meet many people and rural restaurant could be very slow. I stopped driving because many other people think just same as me.

On the other hand, local business people have got huge damage from the declaration. Restaurants, department stores and movie theaters are almost closed. I'm afraid if they could keep their business for half a year.

RadioKid 04-19-2020 01:26 AM

There are less people on the street, a few cars on the road in Japan.

And TV shows are getting boring day by day because they can neither make the shows in studio nor on the locations. They can only make combinations of old materials which are to be abandoned.

RadioKid 04-26-2020 10:55 PM

Around 300 people died from COVID-19 in Japan. It is very few compared with western countries.

Because of the less number of the dead, Japanese government thinks things easier than the ones should be.

Some people might believe "Japan is protected by the gods of Japan" like as the "KAMIKAZE" episode.

Almost 70% of my facebook friends take "work at home". My company also take "work at home" for its 95%. I belong to the 5%. I still commute every day.

RadioKid 05-14-2020 09:53 AM

You can find the COVID19 Situations in Japan.


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