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shahed001 09-25-2016 04:51 AM

Information of luggage lockers for travelers at Tokyo and other places in Japan.
People around the world loves to travel. But when it comes to the term of travelling along with luggage, it becomes not so pleasant for the tourists. Travellers often feels problem when they have to travel along with their bags and luggage with them. When it's hard to handle luggages on the way of touring, a place to store the luggages is much needed. Travelers often gets confused about where to keep their luggage after leaving their hotels. To get rid of this problem there is a good solution.

‘Tebura’ can be very helpful which will give the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing tour without the tension of carrying luggage.
Tebura has locker near the Tokyo station area, lockers are available in Roppongi Minato and Mint Kobe also. To search for the luggage deposit location, to reserve and to pay via PayPal for deposit place on sightseeing spot, it’s all so easy to use in the internet. The GPS system makes finding the location of deposit place in the big city Tokyo faster and can make route. Tourists can book for storage before going to that sightseeing place to enjoy hassle free sightseeing. Tebura has the facility to show luggage locker list from all regions and prefectures of Japan in English. Tebura is working with SECOM for security, so luggage will be safe and secured.
You can search by ‘tebura ninja’

Thank you.

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