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My Epic Story on How I Came 2 Japan - 11-16-2008, 01:41 AM

When I was interested in Japan I got really excited about visiting it one day. So I decided to take a Japanese course in my school the next year. I was in the class for about 2 months when the teacher came in to tell us that another school has invited us to go on there Japan Trip. Sadly, only 10 could go. The next day there was a meeting to see who was interested. There were 64 people! At the meeting it was said only students in the Japanese class had priority of going. Man, was I ever relieved. Now that 64 was reduced by like 20. Than she told us that the people who were picked would have to pay for the plane tickets within 3 days after being chosen. The trip wasn't for another 4 months but still, 3 days! I had no money or anything. So I though I was screwed right than. After about a week the teacher came up to me and asked about my allergies to smoke. Without thinking I just said "It's just cigarette smoke" and I left the class with a little wave of goodbye on the way to home. While I was walking I just realized, maybe she was asking me that because she was wondering if it was bad enough to make me eligible to go to Japan or not. I was like "Crap!". I couldn't go back to school and I knew my PC was broken (It would start up than go to blue screen of death every time). So I thought that I couldn't e-mail her and it was a long weekend. The final people to be chosen was after the long weekend to make everything even worst. So I got home and walked to the PC room. With hope and strength I pressed that power button on the PC and waited. What joy! Amazingly the PC actually started, still slowly as ever, but no blue screen of death or the other problem it had. Believe me, I tried making my PC work many times before this. So I went straight to my e-mail and told her about my allergy and how not serious it was. 1 Hour later a phone call came in.

"Cody, I just got your...", as I cut her off.

"Thank god you called! Does this mean that I'm...", than she cuts me off.

"Not quit."

Damn, I was sure of it. She asked for my mother but she didn't come home from work for another 3 hours. The next day they had a chat and all was well said and done. I was chosen! Than came the plane ticket witch was like $1000 at the time. This was because the students who were going had to pay for the supervisors tickets as well. So it was split evenly through out. "$1000..." I thought to myself. How am I suppose to get that. Than I remembered my kind of rich aunt was to come back to the city that day. Immediately I called her. Told her all about what happened and how she was my key to unlock the doors to the gates of heaven (as in Japan). She said "Well, okay than. It is a one in a life time experience". OMFG! ARE YOU SERIOUS! She never gave away $1000 that easily. I squeezed my fists in such extreme happiness that my long uncut nails punctured threw the palms of my hands. After going to the hospital and getting my hands stitched up (not really...), I went to my room and started to get all giddy about all of what just happened. The next school day I was given some information and was told when the rest of the money had to be paid. The whole trip cost was $3200 and that included food, host family, transportation and the many places we were going to see. I didn't have to worry about this for another 3 months.


So as I was sitting down in class while I was thinking of how good my marks were in Japanese (80%), another announcement was called for the trip. You see, we had meetings every 2-3 weeks prior the trip so we would know how things were going. Anyways, we had another meeting and this was the 2nd last meeting. They told us that we need to have our passports....WAIT WHAT! PASSPORTS! I never even thought about it! The trip was in like 5.5 weeks and I haven't even applied for one. I remember my friend telling me that his took 3 months. Oh my god...what the hell was I thinking these past 3 months. I was told to go for one immediately and that I'll need to have paid the final $2200 by the next meeting. So I go downtown to do my stuff for getting a passport. I waited in line for 3 hours and was finally taken to a table. That's when they told me that I need my birth certificate. I knew I had one but it was laminated and they didn't accept them like that (also I lost it...). So I had to apply for a copy of a new birth certificate and that was another $80. So I waited for the mail. 1 week later I got a call that I could go pick it up. As expected I rushed to my truck and drove there as fast as I can (well, only 15km/h over speed limit). I got it and realized how awesome the new certificates looked. Without thinking again I left and went home to show off my new Birth Certificate. My mom asked if I applied for my passport while I was there.

Yet again "CRAP~!".

It was to late by now and I had to wait till tomorrow. So applied for a passport and waited. 4 weeks later it came in! I was afraid that it might have taking 3 months like my friend said. Well, I finally had it and I knew there was a meeting the next day. I go to the meeting and than she collects the money from the people who were paying late. Guess what? I FORGOT ABOUT THE MONEY! The teacher wasn't too impressed but she said I could have it by tomorrow. So now I had to figure out how to get this money. So I went to my last resort, my grandparents. By the time I go there I herd that my grandma received $15000 but I forgot why. Well anyways I was amazed that this happened at the very moment it was most needed to me. So I asked them. Guess what? They gladly paid the rest of the trip money plus another $800 spending money. Wow. I couldn't believe how well everything seemed to be going so well for me. So spring break was about to start and we were going to be in Japan for a week. I was so excited. On the day we went on the plane we had to wake up at 4:00am and drive to the International Airport. I was so excited that I didn't even sleep. My mom dropped me off and we said our farewells. Went through customs and everything and than we all waited for that one announcement to board the plane. It finally came and we all took our bags and rushed to the boarding area as soon as possible. The first plane we had to ride was a private plane that took us from my city, Canada, Edmonton to USA, San Francisco. Man, it was years since I've been on a plane. Everything looked so small and cool from way up high in the clouds. After landing in San Fransisco I remember seeing a group of Japanese school girls waiting to board the next plane to Japan. Oh my god they were so kawaii~! I was hoping to sit near them while in flight. That wish came true. There were Japanese school girls in front, behind and beside me! It was so awesome. 30 minutes in flight my teacher got me to hand out some pencils and stuff from our school to give to the girls. I gladly accepted. They were very shy. I already knew they were going to be. The Japanese girls giggled and I probably knew why. My Japanese wasn't that great so yeah.

During Flight:

It became dark pretty fast. Within 6 hours of the flight, everyone seemed to have dozed off. Not me. I was to hyped up for Japan.

Almost There:

12 hours later after the departure from San Francisco we finally landed in Nagoya Airport. We landed and everyone was looking out the windows. All the Japanese workers all looked so happy to see us and were dressed really well. They even gave a greeting to us while they were on the ground from the plane. Nothing compared to the dirty dressed Americans when arriving in San Francisco. So now I got out of my seat and walked down that path to the main airport area. This is when I realized.

I was finally in Japan.


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11-16-2008, 02:26 AM

cool story

glad to hear your family was there to support you like they did! consider yourself lucky cos some people (myself included XD) have to fund these kind of adventures on their own! good stuff none the less! hope you had fun! (I'm kinda confused as to why it cost so much for only 1 week though?)

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11-16-2008, 02:39 AM

Kenmei, I think Banzai mentioned something about students having to pay for the supervisors trips too, so I guess that explains it.

Anyways... Wow, that IS epic, and VERY lucky, lol.

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11-16-2008, 02:54 AM

Dirty dressed Americans?
I resent that!

But congrats on the trip!
Sounds awesome!
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11-16-2008, 02:58 PM

Congratulations on your trip! I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

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11-16-2008, 03:16 PM

Ah so epic ~ It makes me jealous! I'd so love to go ;_; Damn money! I need a job! I'm sure I'll get there some day, but I don't want to be old and wrinkly by that time! Haha! It sounds like it'd be an awesome holiday ~ I really want to see the world ^^

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11-16-2008, 03:24 PM

Originally Posted by MissMisa View Post
Ah so epic ~ It makes me jealous! I'd so love to go ;_; Damn money! I need a job! I'm sure I'll get there some day, but I don't want to be old and wrinkly by that time! Haha! It sounds like it'd be an awesome holiday ~ I really want to see the world ^^
Hello Miss Misa. I see you often here so I've always assumed you've visited Japan in the past. Is that not the case?
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11-16-2008, 03:40 PM

Originally Posted by japanarama View Post
Hello Miss Misa. I see you often here so I've always assumed you've visited Japan in the past. Is that not the case?
No unfortunately not, I've never had the time nor the money. For example, When I was younger I was too young to get a job/go to Japan with friends, and now I am in full time education doing A Levels, and even when I do get holiday I am doing work through the holidays, so basically that is what has restricted me from going. I could go to Japan on my savings but the wiser thing to do would be to use them for University, so it doesn't look like I'll be going any time soon.

I come here often to learn about the culture and now I've started learning the language the people on here are extremely helpful with that, they tell you things that'd you'd never get from a textbook.

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11-16-2008, 05:48 PM

Awesome story dude, but you must be carefull, someone may grab this story and turn it in to a movie and you get nothing, if you saw "Big fat liar" you'll get it.
Edit: Too late I already made the script, going to show it to some producers...
Your part will be played by Josh Pecker, I changed some things so you don't get a cent! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! ;D

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11-16-2008, 07:08 PM

You're story made me so happy!
I'm not even joking, I cried a little!!

You are so freakishly lucky, and while I'm jealous, it gets me all excited for my own epic tale of adventure! I wish they offered a Japanese course at my school, but at the same time, I'm glad, there'd be so many posers, I'd get pissed *and more likely than not, branded as one*!!!!!!!

Was it good from there on out?
(PS I liked your use of pictures!^^)

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