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DavidO 05-08-2011 04:03 PM

Daily Tokyo pics
Hi! I started to create a photo blog on the 14th of March, just 3 days after the earthquake. The theme is: the daily Tokyo Life after the quake.
I try to show different faces of this city. The blog is updated few time per week with new pics.
Now, 2 months after, the life start to be like before. Hope you have the desire to visit Tokyo after watching the blog ;)


Today's Tokyo - Daily Tokyo Pictures

BobbyCooper 05-08-2011 05:10 PM

Love them all :)

Please keep them coming!

JBaymore 05-09-2011 12:34 AM

Nice shots. Hope there are more.



DavidO 05-18-2011 12:47 PM

Thank you very much for your replies.

It's true that it's difficult to find time every days to shot new area, but the blog will be updated at least once a week :)

Also, I think to put video in a near future :vsign:

DavidO 05-19-2011 12:13 PM

new serie of Harajuku pictures added.
Just tried a Toy Camera today. The result looks nice :) (and fashionable too? )

If you have a request for an area that you want to see, let me know. I'll try my best to shot some series :vsign:

DavidO 06-06-2011 02:54 PM

Pics of the Red Bull Energy for Japan week end added!
First time in Japan that a F1 machine run on an open road!
It was in Makuhari and Motomachi

ryuurui 06-06-2011 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by DavidO (Post 867360)
It was in Makuhari

so that was the noisy git spinning under my windows >.<

DavidO 06-20-2011 04:43 AM

Added a serie of pics of what I think what is the spirit of Tokyo.
Some random snaps around the city

@ryuuri : maybe yes :) F1 machines are noisy !

Jorg 09-24-2011 01:27 AM

This photo is a masterpiece:

Those night pictures of Tokyo are really good too; I'd like to see more of Tokyo at night.

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