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heavenseven 02-06-2008 08:23 PM

Hi everyone,

I have received no reactions on my thread of WW2 katana's.

Maybe better to try a more simple question.

"Was the technique used on sheats called the Urushii technique?"

In Holland, some people believe the technique is called Urushii, ans some believe the laquer was called Urushii. Which is true?

Right now, I had to go as far as trying to locate some Japanse organasations via the Japanese ambassy. I have sent them an e-mail, I also hope to find some answers there. But I'm kind of in a hurry so if ANYONE could provide me with ANY information, such as sites, e-mail adresses, a person who might be able to help me with my search or any other information, is very welcome!!!!

Thank you!


Nagoyankee 03-10-2008 04:08 AM

I think I know why you are being unable to find what you need on the web.

The word is urushi with a single 'i'. It means both the laquer and the entire technique. The technique is also called 'urushi-nuri'.

So drop one i and google it. You will have more info than you ever wanted.

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