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Mayhaila (Offline)
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Exclamation Need help translating this picture please:D - 01-06-2011, 05:15 PM

I just wanted to know what this says please x

thanks xx

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01-06-2011, 05:53 PM

I am afraid that it looks like someone was trying to write Chinese characters again, with emphasize on "trying".

Top right looks is a disfigured 嵐 which means "storm". Bottom looks like combination of 山 + 石 with a mysterious "dot". It will need to wait toll i get home and look it up. But whatever that is I seriously doubt its correct.

Bottom left its 吉, thus "good fortune", which would make poor sense judging from the picture itself, unless they made it alive. The 厂 radial i written the other way around, although nearly anything is possible in calligraphy (mind you, characters written on this picture is not calligraphy). It could be an old form of 后 (queen) but I am speculating here. I ll have a closer look at this when I get home.

edit: Just a thought, left bottom could also be 周. It stands for Zhou dynasty, third dynasty of China (1046–256 BC). If this is true, it would suggest that painting is made by a Japanese. In China Zhou dynasty is written in two kanji 周朝.

edit2: well, the right side look for me as 嵐岩 (storm rock). Although I still do not understand what that dot is doing over there. I would not be surprised if 嵐岩 stood for a foreign name (of the painter) since it seems to only imitate an Asian motif. 嵐岩 could read "Rayan" 嵐 (ran) 岩 (yan) or Aryan, as in Aryan race.

Left bottom - I still think it is Zhou. Whoever wrote it missed the left side of the character. It looks like it is modeled on clerical / seal scripts.

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