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HarryCover 10-06-2017 08:29 PM

Woodblock print booklet - confirmation needed
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Hello all,

I recently purchased a ukiyo-e booklet from a japanese auction site, from Edo era as far as I understand.
I would like to know if what I have is matching what I understood from the translated description.
I understood that it was a kind a touristic guide for Edo's district of pleasure.
Inside there are 8 pages depicting scene of everyday life, that doesn't seem clearly related to the subject , hence my question.

Here is the outside cover (may added later by a previous owner as a presentation)

Attachment 11973

And now the cover/1st page

Attachment 11972

I would be really grateful if someone could translate or at least confirm that my understanding was correct when I purchased the booklet

Thanks in advance


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