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Cyclicalteam 09-25-2016 01:37 PM

Evergreen Shirt - a new fabric composition
Hi Japan Forum friends. I am Tad from the Cyclical team and just want to talk a little about our new shirt. I apologize in advance if I'm breaking any forum rules. If I am not welcomed, please feel free to delete my post and I will be on my way.

I make these shirts with my friend. We do not have a budget for marketing so my only way to reach out to other fashion enthusiasts is to do it one at a time.

We have always been a big supporter of linen. It is a natural fabric (as opposed to synthetic fabric used by many fast fashion companies) that has many benefits. Linen is tough, it allows air to pass through to keep your skin cool and dry, and it doesn't cling to your skin during hot, humid weather. The trouble is, full linen clothing doesn't look very good. It doesn't retain form like cotton and lacks elasticity. We hope that by using a combination of cotton and linen, we can make the best shirt that can look good and feel good. We call it the Evergreen Shirt.

Indiegogo Campaign

I am currently launching a campaign on Indiegogo: www.igg.me/at/cyclical

During our campaign, we will sell at 40% off the retail price. We also have chinos with water proofing capabilities. Please come take a look for more details
Leave a message if you have any questions. I will come answer any questions that you have

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