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10-08-2007, 01:54 PM

ahyo ^^; .................

ギャー(*0*((◎—————ー(°°; ) スッポヌケ〜
✿ あなた だけ が みれば いい... 狂気と真実は紙一重 ✿

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It's a thin line between genius and stupidity. Once you cross it there is no going back!! Luckily I have tippex and a pen so I can just redraw it where I like!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA =_=

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10-10-2007, 08:35 AM

yeah, that's another point, if you say 'I'm vegetarain does this have meat in?' the server will be like no, and it will come out with a pile of bonito on top, or sakura ebi mixed in.

I forgot the word, but it's the word used for like buddisht vegetarianism and if you say that they'll understand NO animal products.

Actually, I stayed in a buddist temple/ryokan in koyasan where they specialise in vegetarian food cos it's like...monks. It's actually super strict vegan, they don't even use garlic or onion (for some reason.....), but they've been finding ways to make it tasty for hundreds of years so it was pretty good!

oh I took pictures:

and also, I think in japan you have to learn to be a bit accomadating towards 'mistakes'. Like sometimes you might just have to pick off the bits of bacon or make your friends wait 30 mins for you to get a fresh order which may or may not be to your satisfaction anyway.

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10-10-2007, 10:21 AM

Originally Posted by vulgarshudder View Post
I forgot the word, but it's the word used for like buddisht vegetarianism and if you say that they'll understand NO animal products.
Would 'Shoujin Ryouri' be the term you are trying to remember?

I actually recommend that vegertarian foreign tourists to Japan ask a local or the front desk of their hotel where they can eat Shoujin Ryouri instead of going to regular restaurants and ask for vegetarian dishes because of the hidden non-veggie elements that have been discussed in this thread.

There may not be a restaurant specializing in Shoujin Ryouri in a small town, but there are always those places in larger cities.
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Post just dropping by to say... - 10-19-2007, 04:38 PM

Hi! I just found this forum and it looks really cool.

Now, I gotta run off and read some posts.
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