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08-13-2009, 04:36 PM

Originally Posted by bELyVIS View Post
There is a couple of Irish pubs in Kansai area. Murphy's is good but it's a little bit hard to find and there's one at Nishinomiya on the way to Kobe that is pretty good, by the Hankyu railway exit. I can't remember the name but you can find it in Kansai scene Magazine. The Japanese Guinness doesn't taste too bad, it's better than most beers they have there.
Unfortunately Murphy's Stout is not easy to find even in Texas. I know because I always ask for it before I settle for a Half & Half. Guiness is ok for a single pint, but after that its either Murphys or I have to switch to Harps.

Originally Posted by dirtyroboto View Post
You are all a bunch of beer virgins in my book. Not one person has mentioned the two best and cheapest beers you can buy.

Suntory STRAIGHT - w00t for one of the most drinkable beers going. I have one on the go as I type this. This absolutly rocks over Stella/Kron and is 6%, with a great colour and even better taste. American beers pale away when compared to this superior brew. Suntory have got this one spot on and I would bet anyone serious money in a blind test that this beer would come out on top. This is a drinkers drink and is ranked by me in the top 3 canned brews. Average price per 500ml can ¥178, best price ¥156.
I have only had Suntory once or twice (availability issue here), but I recall liking it or I wouldn't have recalled the brand. Just don't know whether it was that brew or not.

Higher alcohol content in beers makes me a bit leary. Old Nick in Canada is higher volume than in the U.S. (7.5%) and I got blind-sided by it one night.

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