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bangoskank 09-30-2015 10:55 PM

Kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto question

I had a question regarding Kaiseki cuisine.
I ate at restaurant called Sakuragawa and there were 9 courses. I couldn't distinguish what the 5th course was in terms of the order:

Sakizuke (先附?): an appetizer similar to the French amuse-bouche.
Hassun (八寸?): the second course, which sets the seasonal theme. Typically one kind of sushi and several smaller side dishes.
Mukōzuke (向付?): a sliced dish of seasonal sashimi.
Takiawase (煮合?): vegetables served with meat, fish or tofu; the ingredients are simmered separately.
Futamono (蓋物?): a "lidded dish"; typically a soup.
Yakimono (焼物?): (1) flame-grilled food (esp. fish); (2) earthenware, pottery, china.
Su-zakana (酢肴?): a small dish used to clean the palate, such as vegetables in vinegar; vinegared appetizer.
Hiyashi-bachi (冷し鉢?): served only in summer; chilled, lightly cooked vegetables.
Naka-choko (中猪口?): another palate-cleanser; may be a light, acidic soup.
Shiizakana (強肴?): a substantial dish, such as a hot pot.
Gohan (御飯?): a rice dish made with seasonal ingredients.
Kō no mono (香の物?): seasonal pickled vegetables.
Tome-wan (止椀?): a miso-based or vegetable soup served with rice.
Mizumono (水物?): a seasonal dessert; may be fruit, confection, ice cream, or cake.

This video is my experience and the 5th course is shown. Does anyone know the answer?


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