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JapaneseLanguageStudent 01-31-2020 06:09 PM

Using そうな grammar point in sentence as past negative
I wrote this sentence:

The meaning I intend is "It is scenery that my brother hates."

I'd like to make it negative past tense.
This is what I think it would be:


Could someone confirm if that is right / grammatically correct?

The reason is, i'm confused a bit with the じゃな . My brain is programmed from earlier studies of Japanese to use じゃなかった to make it past tense with optionally using です。By default I wanted to write it as:


As a broader comment, the examples online for this particular Japanese grammar point do not have many negative past tense sentences. Before posting this I've visit a number of web sites but couldn't find much help.

RadioKid 02-02-2020 03:39 PM


It seems to be correct but not natural.

I would say "お兄さんが嫌わなさそうな景色でした。" or rather say nothing.


It has some grammatical problems. And I cannot imagine the situation. the brother have never seen the scenery, right? Then he never hated the scenery.

I would say "お兄さんが嫌わなさそうな景色だったよ。".

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