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LiXiQing 09-26-2021 05:47 PM

18000 in a western way in japanese
I know that 18000 in japanese is 一万八千 (いちまんはっせん)
Nevertheless, japanese language is very plastic and there are different ways to write the same numeral in japanese and it's not only due to different yomi.
The question: may I write 18000 in a western way 十八千 (じゅうはちせん) in lyrics for example?

RadioKid 09-30-2021 12:47 AM

As you know, western numbers are expressed in thousands while numbers are expressed "10000" or "MAN:万" ​in Japanese.

For Big numbers like as 123,000,000 (One-twenty three million) could be expressed "123百万" but "十八千" will not be understood in verbal communication. Even in written form, "十八千" is confusing. Rather, "18K" is better but 18K will cause another confusion with the grade of gold.

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