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RadioKid 05-20-2017 02:25 AM

I Love You Not So Much...
「あなたのことはそれほど・・・:ANATA NO KOTO WA SOREHODO...」 is a TV dorama by TBS. I translated it as "I Love You Not So Much...". I was interested in this dorama for its naming.

Silly hiroin MITSU still loves her first-love boy "ARISHIMA, KOKI" even after mer marriage with RYOTA.

One day she met ARISHIMA accidentally and had have fun with him often.

Then RYOTA find her secret but still love her in his strange way...

This video has no English subtitles. Sorry.

RadioKid 05-20-2017 09:30 AM

Program home page (in Japanese)

Character relation diagram

NiaSama 05-28-2017 04:53 PM

:) that sounds a really nice tv dorama shame that I can't see japanese telvision channels. :/

RadioKid 05-29-2017 01:22 PM

This drama is based on a MANGA: "ANATA NO KOTO WA SOREHODO".

It could be seen in this site.

NiaSama 06-06-2017 08:20 PM

uuuuuuu Great thanks for the info Radiokid :)
I'll take a look right now .
Arigatou :)

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