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Onboard Racing? Toyota MR2? Silverstone UK - 11-06-2012, 02:06 PM

I joined here some time ago as I have an interest in Japanse music but have been posting up some links to my onboard racing video and, as this time I was racing a Toyota MR2 I wondered if anyone on here was interested in this sort of thing?

The videos are from the one of the most extraordinary races anywhere in the world.... they are from the Birkett 6Hr Relay race held on the Silverstone GP Circuit.

The race is open to pretty much ANY CAR.
You race in teams of between 4 and 6 cars/drivers.
~70 teams take part, thats around 350 cars in total.
There were cars there from the 30s right through to modern day cars and lapping between 2:10 and 4:00

I was in a MK2 MR2 rented from Rogue Motorsport which was a last minute deal. The plan was for each of our 4 drivers to do 90 minuites.

I ended up doing about 2.5hr in total as one of our team developed a mechanical problem. My first stint was 90 minutes and the next 2 videos are from that session. I edited out all the 'less interesting' stuff but was still left with a 50minute video so have split it into 2 parts.

If you click through to Youtube there are 'timejump links' in the comments which take you to the various incidents.

Race Part 1

Race Part 2

This next video is quite an unusual view which I've called "CabinCam" and shows the driver at work during an early lap of this session, inset is the front view and pedalcam view so you have some idea where I'm going.

Onboard "Cabin Cam"

I also posted the first 16mins (all I had video for) of my 2nd session which had been preceeded minutes before by a hail storm.

Session 2 - Wet & Slippy

Our team did not place so well as we were a mixed bag, 2 x MR2 Turbo's and the Toyota Powered space-framed 500kg XP-1 I was however the fastest Mk2 MR2 for the 2nd year running with a low 2:34

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