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A Legend of Zelda skit! - 08-06-2008, 12:40 AM

I would just like to know how you guys feel about this skit I came up featuring characters from The Legend of Zelda. It is to be presented in May of '09 at Anime Central. There's three characters, Guru-guru, Link, and Malver (The Hyrule malo mart shop runner).

Here's the script;

Announcer(Probably a friend in a suit, but I'm not sure); In the year 1998 the game Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time was realised and the musical character won over the hearts of players every where. Then in 2000 the sequal Majora's mask also had the same character. (During this We'll have the spotlight on gorro-gorro who walks out as soon as his name is announced.) But the chaos began in 2006 when The legend of Zelda Twilight princess was realised. Malver (My character) became the new fun music man. Ever since these two characters have been arguing about who better and Link has been caught in the middle.(By now Link is drinking his Lon-Lon milk trying to cool down as he despritly trys to stop the argument.)

Link: Ahh! (and he throws his milk off-stage and you hear the bottle breaking noise) You guys are driving me crazy!

Malver; You don't look so bad.

Link: No! Your arguments are driving me Insane! I just wasted all my Milk. I have to be nuts to do that! That's it we end the argument here! Now tell me who's better, and I'll make the choice.

Malver; Well alright, First take a look at my beautiful and elegant costume, It just shows how much better I am. I mean just look at the rags he's wearing.

Link; (Getting slightly angered) Alright is that all?

Malver: Oh no, Not quite, just look at all the grace that was put into making my instrument, all I have to do is press a button and it plays. (I play the Malo mart theme and start the dance as well).

Guru-guru: Oh, Well two can play that game! (He starts the song of storms).

Malver; Oh, I can play that too.(He plays the song of Storms).

Link: (Realizes where this will lead) Stop it both of you! Stop playing that song or else...(You hear Thunder and rain in the backround).

Link: Now look what You've done! That's it! I've had enough! (He pulls out his ocarina).

Guru-guru: So what's that going to do?

Link: I've had it if you don't stop I'm going to play...The song of time!

Malver: And?

Link: Well if you remember, In Majora's mask when I played the song everybody went back to the first day of a three day event. So then, if I play the song at A-Cen we will all have to go back to the first day of the con! Meaning everyone will have to wait in line again!

Malver; Nooo! I can't stand it! I will not go through that trauma again! I waited for at least eight hours!

Guru-guru; He's Bluffing, No sane Hero would want to deal with that line again!

Link; Your right, I would'nt want to deal with it again, but..(Pulls out his pre-reg Badge as the Treasure Music plays). I pre-reg'd! I don't have to stand in any line!

Guru-guru; Alright Link, settle down you don't have to send us back.

Link; (Plays the first notes to the song).

Malver; Stop Link please!

Link: Well then settle this argument right now!

Malver: Alright, It's over, no more fighting.(shakes Guru-guru's hand)

Gorro-Gorro: See link, were closer then (The Happy couple in OoT and Majora's Mask, did they have names?) Okay Link? Can we go now?

Link: Yeah let's go I need some more Milk anyways...

OK, here's an updated version, Well that's all I have PLEASE tell me what you think, where I can improve, More Legend of Zelda jokes, that couples names, (you know the one's that are always dancing and saying your more beautiful then), and whatnot.
Thanks alot guys.
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