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crimsonnoodle 08-17-2017 06:20 AM

No Pension Book (年金手帳)
Hey everyone, this is my first post. Thanks for reading!

I've been working in Tokyo as an English teacher for almost 11 months now and I recently discovered that part of the system of paying your taxes and welfare is to have a blue pension book (or Nenkintechou/年金手帳).

I have been paying all of my bills and taxes for the whole time but my company has not provided me with this book (or a healthcare card) which is a bit worrying.

I was wondering; is it possible to go to a tax office and request it myself? I know that I cannot request a refund after I leave without it.

RadioKid 08-17-2017 11:25 AM

Here is ofiicial web site of NENKIN in English. This is what I can provide for you.

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