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11-09-2009, 05:29 PM

Originally Posted by onlybyron View Post
it seems theres nothing like this on here so lets try it

if you could have a bleach style zanpakuto what would it be like e.g its name, what it looks like, what it does

so here's mine

1st form: like a normal sword but it has a green and blue flame issuing from the hilt and a yellow ribbon is issuing from the end of the sword

shikai: to call it you have to say itte ookami akemimaru
not much chainges in this form but the sword gets an inch bigger and the flame gets bigger then starts spreading up the sword but stops half way

this shikai makes the user faster

when the user stabs the sword into the ground a spikey plant type thing weaves in and out of the ground until it can wrap itself around the opponent whilst poisoning them

also if the user holds the yellow ribbon and says "hogo" the ribbon looks like its burning, when this is finished the ribbon will trap the foes hands and legs as if they were in hand-cuffs

now for bankai
bankai: ikke godai ookami akemimaru once again the sword gets bigger and the flames now cover the whole sword and the ribbon wraps itself around the users arm

if the user stabs the sword into the ground and says "Hashire!" once again the ivy comes out of the ground but this time at the front of the plant is an ivy wolf, when it gets the foe the wolf hooks on and bites

for the last attack if the user moves his his sword in a curcular motion and says "mangetsu" five diferent wolf's come out of the ground each a different eliment (earth, fire, water, wind, and all four) and the users speed becomes unreal

well thats my sword ^.^ please post your own on here and if you want to a picture

Okay, from what you said, that is a nice zanpakuto. Now I have to figure out what my sword will be like.
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Name your Zanpakuto - 11-20-2009, 08:31 PM

If you had a zanpakuto what would its name be? Whats its shikai release?

Example: Mine is, Burn the county side to a cinder, zetsubō no ryū

Im looking forward to the names you all come up with.

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11-20-2009, 09:07 PM

Originally Posted by AkatsukiMemberR View Post
If you had a zanpakuto what would its name be? Whats its shikai release?

Example: Mine is, Burn the county side to a cinder, zetsubō no ryū

Im looking forward to the names you all come up with.

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11-20-2009, 09:38 PM

KM7 would be the name
and the shikai attack would be cocytus breath
bankai attack would be terra force

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11-20-2009, 09:58 PM

Mine's name would be Yokoshima.
The attack would be Sekizen.

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Scream Keikoku - 03-04-2010, 05:07 AM

I'm new to the forum. I created mine for a tabletop rpg game my friends and I are trying to construct for bleach.

Name: Keikoku (Siren/Whore)

Type: Sound/Vibration

Release: Kanakirigoe (Scream)

Normal Form: A Chinese long straightsword with a tuning fork coming out of the pomel. It's guard consists of a conical set of concentric circles tapering upward.

Shikai: The sword widens slightly, and both edges become slightly serrated. The center of the blade has several notched holes in it, causing to to whistle when swung (actually sounds like the wail of a banshee).

Powers: It has two abilities, both are constantly active. The first is whenever an opponent strikes the blade (such as during a parry), it vibrates through their weapon and causes them to feel the force of their own strike, often causing severe pain. The second ability is that when it strikes an opponent, it vibrates their reishi causing them to have difficulty moving or using kido.

Bankai: Aigou Keikoku (Wailing Siren/Moaning Whore)

Appearance: The blade widens even more, and the serration extends flaking off pieces which quickly regenerate. The length of both the blade and the handle increase by 50%.

Powers: The first power is more of a byproduct. It alters the wielder's shunpo causing disorienting sonic booms. It's second ability is called Ecstasy. It generates a sonic shield that vibrates the spirit particles around the wielder negating attacks from all angles. It's third and final ability is called Final Crescendo/Climax. The wielder must first strike the target a number of times, embedding shards of the sword inside them. When the opponent has enough in them, the wielder flicks the blade, this causes the shards to vibrate wildly and rip the target to shreds from the inside as well as shatter their bones.

Weakness: An opponent with sufficient spiritual pressure can break through the sonic shield. The shunpo sonic booms only affect those that can hear. The final ability requires the wielder to hit the opponent enough times to make it worthwhile (about 5-10 strikes).
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03-22-2010, 08:53 AM

--New to the forum, so this is kinda cool, but i've always loved Sai. I perform well with them in an actual fight too.--

Name: Kage (Shadow)

Type: Illusion/Shade

Release: Chikuseki (Accumulate)

Normal Form: A pair two pronged Sai. Black velvet ribbons covering the handles, with long ribbons flowing from the handles.

Shikai: Both Sai become sharper and flat, small circles from at the base of the blades connected to a gap between both sides of the blades till the tip.

Powers: The circles gather darkness, and consume the anger in its foe in battle. Using the shadows and the anger it stored in the circle, it allows the weapons to perform their first power. Dancing illusion, is the first power. The darkness and anger release a mist that the foe in battle will inhale, causing them to halucinate, and forget how to fight, and why they were fighting. The second power, Deepest thought, allows the anger built up in the weapons to blind the foe in battle knocking them off balance. The third and final power, Crushing darkness, Allows the Darkness that was absorbed into the blades to be released, turning the field into nothing but darkness, it slowly cuts gashes into the foe in battle.

Bankai: Chikuseki Kage (Accumulate Shadow)

Appearance: The blades turn back to the edged Sai.

Powers: Storing the anger and darkness thats accumulated, they act like canons, allowing me to send sharp blades of a dark red color that cuts almost instantly.

Weakness: The Sai will weaken if they leave my grasp.
The abilities can only be used if i'm frustrated enough durring battle.

--Had the idea for these.. just never really started on them i guess.--

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liaku - 03-29-2010, 02:25 AM

name: liaku (good/evil)

released: osore liaku (fear good and evil)

normal: a regular sword but the sheath is pure white while the blade and hilt is pure black.

shikai: the pattern of the "dark" blade gains a series of scythes all through the blade and it becomes double edged. the sheath on the other hand turns into a reverse blade one symbolizes preserving life while the other symbolizes taking life. the user becomes literally split down the middle with 2 colors one side being very light red and the other being the darkest red you can think of.
power: *good side: heals the user and make you readably faster. *evil side: can drain life within a .5 mile radios depending on the damage taken (slowly not fast)

bankai: 恐怖のサイクルフィード (feed the cycle of fear)

appearance: white cloak with the symbol 生活 (life on the back) and 2 scythes that read 死を恐れる (fear death) almost like a grim reaper

power: SP is increased and physical attack (depending on the SP of the opponent) have no effect. if opponent dies there zanpakto can be merged with the life sword while the opponents body is absorbed by the death sword merging their SP with yours. can use merged zanpaktos powers

weakness: opponent with either extremely huge SP or certain non physical attacks ( yamamoto/ kenpachi?/getsuga tensou)

sorta like this but white cloak and 2 scythes and no minions
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Dokua Eimin Tenshi - 04-07-2010, 09:40 PM

Name: Dokua Eimin Tenshi (Fang of The Death Angel)

sealed form: serrated katana with black leather wrapped hilt and a black tsuba with cutaways on either side

Release: Uchiorosu Kougoushii Kyoufushin (rain down devine punishment)
Places sword between hands and spins it like a top in the air, then claps hands on the sword and when pulls away it reveals shikai

Shikai Appearence: Two Black Bloodrayne like armblades that are double edged

Powers: Infernal lightning-black lightning attack similar to getsuga tenshu
Reapers Cloak-black energy surrounds weilder and protects from physical attacks and some kido attacks
Reapers Sprint-fires multiple black bala like blasts from the tips of blades at machinegun like speeds

Bankai: Eimin Tenshi Kougoushii Kyokkei (death angels divine punishment)
with the bankai release black reiatsu covers weilder and forms white energy wing that enable flight and a black energy hood that makes the weilder look like a dark angel hence the name. Armblades grow bigger and more ornate
-increases strength greatly to the point of a captain level
-greatly increases speed to that of sonido
-strengthens shikai attacks greatly
-Divine punishment of 2000 souls;ultimate attack, wings disperse and absorb into the blades that when slashed in the air fire a blast the strength of ultimate getsuga tenshu, with one shot per sword

weaknesses-reapers cloak can be dispelled with high strength attacks, and ultimate attack only has two shots so if you miss or if its blocked you're screwed
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04-23-2010, 10:54 AM

Name: Giant Sword Of Berserk
Release word: Rise, My Sword

Shikai description: Guts' Sword (Berserk)

Bankai: OMG..... IT's a bigger sword

Bankai release: Bigger.... Bigger.... Bigger

Weakness: Because the sword is too big, it's heavy, sluggish and slow. In addition, it use too much energy in released form, so it tend to revert back to the small sword form in only a few minutes.



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