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Kawaiirin 06-04-2018 06:08 AM

A shifter's fate
So I'm creating a light novel and it is my dream to become a mangaka. So, guys, it would be great if you could give me some comments and suggestions. Let's get started!

Genre: Tragedy, Mystery, Sci-fi, Superpower, Supernatural, Drama, Psychological

Plot Synopsis:

“SEED” are people who became contaminated with the unknown pathogen that edits their genes and for some rare cases- they become monsters that no one could identify yet. Most of the humanity evolved rapidly due to this unknown pathogen but their mortality rate decreases. 3 years later, Children who are born with this disease, gained the power called “Stigma” and far more superior than SEED. Humanity’s fate has been sealed as the mysterious historians called “Meios” watches over them.

In a world full of technology and programs serve as an aid for the next talented soldiers called “Wielder of Servancé”. It is just merely an entertainment for SIGMA- Humans who have enhanced inborn trait for combat that strengthens its power through madness and failures. What future awaits them as they struggle their best to survive in a world full of conflicts.

The story follows Michaelis, a revolutionary scientist and his trusty rival Erzen whose sole purpose is to prove their worth in a “New Order” initiated by the Government. As the world changes rapidly due to their efforts, they found a material that will cause another “Conflict” and they fled for their lives as the government chases them. Will Michaelis’ comrades survive in a world full of unusual disasters or perhaps use this for world domination. What will happen to the fate of SEED, SIGMA, and the rest of the humanity as they fight for what they believe is “right”.

Since it's kind of long and 53 pages with almost 17k words up I'll be posting a google docs link instead
So I'll update it day by day or if I added something

Kawaiirin 06-07-2018 03:09 AM

I need Criticism please
Just like what the title says, I need your comments and suggestions. I feel like the story won't progress without a reader.:ywave:

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